Jens 3.0 Day 1

January 5, 2013

You gonna blog again?

Thanks to everyone who has asked me this question over the last 200+ days. As I always say, knowing you’re reading keeps me writing.

So. My break from blogging in one paragraph. My diet is 90% Whole 30. The remaining 10% is about 5% paleo and 5% vodka, wine, and dark chocolate. I do CrossFit 6-7 days per week. I run 4-5 miles 1-2 times per week. I am still sleeping and drinking lots of water (and always 32 oz before a wod). I’m mentally best in the gym and working toward mental strength generally. I have never felt better physically and never had more confidence. I’m surrounded by goodness.

Today our Fit Bodies family is starting another wellness challenge. So no time like the present to bring back the blog.

Who knew I’d have an annual report of measurements. Here it is, this year over last year (364 days later)

2013 (2012)

Weight 146.6 (159.5)
Body fat 24.2 scale (27)
Belly button 31.5 (34.75)
Hips 38.75 (42.25)

Results. Stay close and you’ll see more.

So why Jens 3.0? Well. The last year has been amazing. My life has transformed. Some people have referred to me as Jen 2.0. I’m truly blessed to know what the power of transformation feels like. But. The journey continues. And I’ve never been more sure that 364 days from now, I want to be reflecting on another transformational step on this journey.

Found a quote just today about growth. “It is when you allow your weakness to become your strength that you discover your true self.” (Thanks Melinda Jane from What Makes My Heart Sing on FB)

Never. Before. Has. That. Been. More. True. Right now my journey takes me to a valley. And I’m going to throw my arms around it. Embrace it. And listen to the universe.

Lets do this.

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9 Responses to Jens 3.0 Day 1

  1. Kim says:

    Jen, sooooo happy you are blogging again! You were such an inspiration to me during my first whole30 🙂 and the timing is perfect because I started another one yesterday!

  2. adamsass says:

    Pumped… It’s go time!

  3. Megan Barr says:

    Love reading your whole 30 blog!! Can’t believe you did it for over 150 days… Amazing!!!

  4. Amy scheets says:

    Starting tomm. I’m interested in some receipes and different snacks please

  5. mom says:

    Hurrah… I love reading, and love you. Way to go hon!!

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