Jens 3.0 Day 1

January 5, 2013

You gonna blog again?

Thanks to everyone who has asked me this question over the last 200+ days. As I always say, knowing you’re reading keeps me writing.

So. My break from blogging in one paragraph. My diet is 90% Whole 30. The remaining 10% is about 5% paleo and 5% vodka, wine, and dark chocolate. I do CrossFit 6-7 days per week. I run 4-5 miles 1-2 times per week. I am still sleeping and drinking lots of water (and always 32 oz before a wod). I’m mentally best in the gym and working toward mental strength generally. I have never felt better physically and never had more confidence. I’m surrounded by goodness.

Today our Fit Bodies family is starting another wellness challenge. So no time like the present to bring back the blog.

Who knew I’d have an annual report of measurements. Here it is, this year over last year (364 days later)

2013 (2012)

Weight 146.6 (159.5)
Body fat 24.2 scale (27)
Belly button 31.5 (34.75)
Hips 38.75 (42.25)

Results. Stay close and you’ll see more.

So why Jens 3.0? Well. The last year has been amazing. My life has transformed. Some people have referred to me as Jen 2.0. I’m truly blessed to know what the power of transformation feels like. But. The journey continues. And I’ve never been more sure that 364 days from now, I want to be reflecting on another transformational step on this journey.

Found a quote just today about growth. “It is when you allow your weakness to become your strength that you discover your true self.” (Thanks Melinda Jane from What Makes My Heart Sing on FB)

Never. Before. Has. That. Been. More. True. Right now my journey takes me to a valley. And I’m going to throw my arms around it. Embrace it. And listen to the universe.

Lets do this.

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Day 146

“Today I will simply say what I’ve been sharing with people for several days now. I feel great. I have clarity. I have energy. I have lots of coconut products. I have no-band pull-ups and toes to bar and double unders. I have jeans and suits that fit. I have happiness. I have being awake enough in the car at 5am to sing Tim McGraw songs.

Sure, I don’t have pizza and ice cream and chocolate. But I also don’t have guilt. I don’t have mood swings. I don’t have hunger pains. I don’t have endless thoughts about my next meal. I don’t have pants that are too tight. I don’t have excuses. I don’t have hangovers. I don’t have to hit the snooze button and miss my workout.”

—Day 20

All still true. All still beautiful. 126 days later.

I found this tonight when I started reading from the beginning. At times it felt like a walk down memory lane. Other days, it seemed familiar. And funny. And sometimes I felt like I was talking to someone I used to know.

146 days later, the change I’ve experienced on my Whole30 journey is overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in love with it. I just don’t know what to do with it sometimes. I’ve had a hard time finding the words lately. In fact, I didn’t plan to drop off the face of the blog for 12 days. I just did.

But today I celebrate that the Whole30 milestones just keep adding up. I am convinced that when we choose happiness and balance, we discover our true selves with strong mind and body.

Once I chose optimum health (remember those 9 dimensions: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Active Recovery, Injury Rehab, Fun and Play, Personal Growth, Temperance, and Exercise), I created the perfect conditions for my body and mind to thrive.

In the past month, I’ve started a new career. And been recognized as a Woman of Distinction in my community. And hit a deadlift PR. And did 10 pullups without dropping. Twice. And I’ve had a blast being a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. And Saturday at this time I will be done with my first sprint triathlon.

What does it all mean? Where does it go from here? How will I change? Or not?

Oh who knows. I still don’t have all the answers.

But the difference between tonight and Day 1 is that tonight I throw my arms around the journey. I embrace the change and the growth. I celebrate every footstep, every twist and turn, and every milestone on this path.

I step back in awe of the power of taking responsibility for choices.

And happiness.

And health.


WOD:  #doin work

10 Muscle Ups  (20 Chest to Bar Pullups)  or 10 Man Makers

20 Handstand Pushups

20 Hang Power Snatch (115/75lbs)

30 Plate Burpee to Overhead (25lbs/15lbs)

40 Overhead Walking Lunges w/plate (R/L=2)

50 Deadlifts (115/75lbs)

14:50 (65#–thought/wished I’d had 75# but I counted wrong; 25# plate)

STRENGTH: Deadlifts – Warm Up – 5 @75%, 5 @80%, 5 @ 85%

5 @ 185, 5 @ 205, 4 @ 230 (new PR!)

PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato hash, kale, sausage

Tuna, Greens, Chicken, Nuts

1/2 lara bar, cherries

Shrimp, vegetable stir fry (peppers, onions, brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucchini)

coconut manna


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Day 134

Friday chipper
100 squats
90 mountain climbers
80 ab mats
70 kb swings 35#
60 push press 65#
50 med ball cleans
40 hand release push up
30 box jump
20 front squat 65#
10 wall climb
22:15 rx+

Pwo sfh shake and berries
2 eggs 1/2 avocado sweet potato kale
Leftover chicken veggies and sweet potato
Coconut cream and berries
Repeat of lunch

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Day 133

Lately I’ve been typing my blog on my phone. Technology transition here. Anyway, what’s interesting is that it’s harder to type on this small keypad so I keep accidentally hitting the wrong numbers on the day. Tonight was almost 144. Yesterday was 231.

Instead it’s 133 (actually I just typed 123). To be completely honest, things are feeling a little arbitrary at this point. 47 days left, but who’s counting.

Numbers, numbers. As long as we’re counting, I’d like 2 pieces of dark chocolate and 1 glass of wine.

Only a few times since I started over 4 months ago, have I longed for something non-whole30. I’ve wondered if just 1 something would really make a difference.

Yeah, yeah. It probably would.

(Insert some really enlightening and motivational thought here.)


Clean and jerk ladder
15 minutes
1 minute 1, 2 minute 2, etc.
When caught in the vortex start at half your number
Power clean 100-110-115@ 5 reps

Pwo sfh shake
2 eggs 1/2 avocado sweet potato hash kale and sausage
Salad w chicken
Coconut cream w berries
Fried chicken, kale, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato

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Day 132

Life as a Former Fat Girl is a very touching read. This emphasizes the need for us to be self aware, dig deep to uncover and deal with issues, and intentionally find and choose happiness. I plan to keep this link and re-read this every so often as a good reminder that I can’t loose sight of the lifelong journey I am on.

Wod: vortex
Run 1.5 miles
Odd minute 15 push ups
Even minute 15 jumping lunges l/r=1

Strict press 3@85

Pwo sfh shake
2 eggs 1/2 avocado sweet potato hash kale & sausage
Salad w chicken; coconut cream and berries
1/2 apple; nuts
Flat iron steak; steamed veggie
Coconut cream

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Day 131


Max reps 3 rounds 1 minute each with a 1 minute break after each round

Power snatch 45#
Box jumps
Thrusters 45#
Chest to bar pull up (I did ring dips because of my hands–ripped from Saturdays wod)

267 reps

Pwo sfh shake
2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato hash, kale and sausage
Chicken and salad w 1/2 avocado
Brussel sprouts
Leftover hamburger, farmers market asparagus, broccoli
Coconut manna

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Day 130

Monday May 14

39 Ways Not to be Like Everyone Else is a little tough love-ish in parts, but a great read. It sums up a lot of what I’ve been up to, though not everything here is for me–or anyone else for that matter.

Bottom line, everyone owns their own journey. Reading this will help you think about what elements of your journey you care about.


16 Min AMRAP

400m Run

15 Ab Mat Sit Ups

10 Deadlifts (225lb/155lbs)

5 Bar Facing Burpee

5 rounds & run=16:40

CASHOUT: 6 Curb and Back SPRINTS (Your rest is time it takes you to complete the previous sprint)

STRENGTH: Deadlift – warmup – 5×75%, 5x 80%, 5x 85%

4 @ 225 (PR and weekly goal!)


PWO SFH shake

3 eggs, sweet potato hash brown, kale, sausage

Leftover “rice” and stir fry; brussel sprouts

Coconut cream with berries

Chicken, 1/4 sweet potato w/ almond butter, brussel sprouts, salad, beets

blueberries & coconut manna

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