Day 133

Lately I’ve been typing my blog on my phone. Technology transition here. Anyway, what’s interesting is that it’s harder to type on this small keypad so I keep accidentally hitting the wrong numbers on the day. Tonight was almost 144. Yesterday was 231.

Instead it’s 133 (actually I just typed 123). To be completely honest, things are feeling a little arbitrary at this point. 47 days left, but who’s counting.

Numbers, numbers. As long as we’re counting, I’d like 2 pieces of dark chocolate and 1 glass of wine.

Only a few times since I started over 4 months ago, have I longed for something non-whole30. I’ve wondered if just 1 something would really make a difference.

Yeah, yeah. It probably would.

(Insert some really enlightening and motivational thought here.)


Clean and jerk ladder
15 minutes
1 minute 1, 2 minute 2, etc.
When caught in the vortex start at half your number
Power clean 100-110-115@ 5 reps

Pwo sfh shake
2 eggs 1/2 avocado sweet potato hash kale and sausage
Salad w chicken
Coconut cream w berries
Fried chicken, kale, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato

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