50 changes

50 days. 50 changes to be happy about.

1. I wake up in the morning and I’m not exhausted.

2. I’ve roasted a chicken. A really tasty one.

3. I talk to myself calmly while driving. And so far no speeding tickets in the new year.

4. I can do a pull up without any assistance.

5. I bought a swim suit and a tri suit and worn them. In public.

6. I’ve made ribs. Delicious ones.

7. I haven’t had a hangover.

8. I make breakfast on Sundays. Everyday actually.

9. I discovered coconut.

10. I can wear my black pants. All of them.

11. And my jeans. All of them too.

12. I’ve filled up my spice cabinet with lots of new flavors.

13. I bought a lemon and lime squeezer (which rocks for guacamole and pork carnitas).

14. I found all of the missing pieces to my Cuisinart processer and use it regularly.

15. I’ve enjoyed a W30 approved Super Bowl.

16. And Valentine’s Day.

17. I started buying medium workout pants instead of large.

18. I’m getting compliments on my skin.

19. My kids say I’m nicer.

20. And so does my husband.

21. I’ve never “cheated” or even wanted to.

22. I’ve eaten out 6 times.

23. I can do a handstand hold and the handstand push-ups are coming along.

24. I’ve inspired others.

25. I’ve shared my recipes.

26. I won the Biggest Winner Challenge at the gym.

27. I’ve had fun at parties without a drink in my hand.

28. I’ve started to try to introduce more balance into my kids’ diet.

29. I’ve missed only 1 workout at the gym (Monday-Friday).

30. I’m buying medium tops instead of large.

31. I’m bringing my lunch everyday to work.

32. I am reading all food labels.

33. I’m shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store (produce & meat).

34. I’m buying some local eggs and meat.

35. I’m drinking a lot of water.

36. I like leftovers.

37. I’ve stayed loyal to this blog.

38. And myself.

39. I’ve shared the Whole30 plan with lots of other people.

40. I’ve challenged myself.

41. And overcome some disappointment.

42. I have lots of energy.

43. I follow lots of interesting blogs and pages.

44. I’ve tried so many wonderful recipes.

45. And shared them with others.

46. I smile more.

47. I’m comfortable being around food and drinks that I choose not to have.

48. I can live without gum.

49. And mints.

50. And I have at least 40 more days to rock this!

I can’t say it enough…thanks for reading. Knowing you’re reading keeps me writing.

1 Response to 50 changes

  1. Tara says:

    How did you quit gum? I can’t seem to do it. HELP!!

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