Welcome! I’m exploring wellness in 2012 and I’m glad you can join me.

When I heard about the Whole 30 at Fit Bodies CrossFit, I decided to give it a go. I’m using this blog to share my journey. So please visit daily for good stuff (I’ll keep it short and sweet don’t worry).

Here’s what I will post:

  • Daily updates: Each day I will post a report about my thoughts, food and drink, workouts, etc.
  • Recipes: Often I will post recipes, photos, and links
  • And, I will celebrate people, places, and things that support me

Share this with your friends. Like me on Facebook. Email me and say hello. Be well.

Happy (and Healthy) 2012!

PS-for those of you who don’t know me:

I live in central Illinois and I’m a midwesterner at heart. I have a wonderful family across the country and live here with my husband, son (7) and daughter (5 1/2). I teach communication and support other faculty at Illinois State University. I serve on my local city council. I’m right-handed.

6 Responses to About

  1. Donna says:

    You ROCK! I’m so proud of you, love you, and can’t wait to support you! Muah!

  2. Ryan Buddenhagen says:

    Jen – Love what you’re doing. I’ll be tracking it over the next 30 days! Keep it up!

  3. Jeff Buydos says:

    I just shared this with a friend who wants to begin a similar journey. Keep up the good work.

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