Day 129

Sunday May 13








Meet the 15th place finisher in the national chess tournament in Nashville, TN this weekend–a big shout out to my hero (and son) Pierce!

So, Mother’s Day rocks. Happy day to all the moms out there and to all the people who love my children and so many others like a mom–our family, friends, babysitters, teachers, neighbors, and the generally nice group of villagers it takes to raise happy and healthy kids.

I’m a big believer in it takes a village–I’ve never believed that I could do it all alone (not a big surprise if you know me) and so I share today with so many, many people and I hope you do too.

And the chess champ thing, well, that’s just impressive. And I definitely didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s more than I could have even wished for.

Speaking of wishes, I read a great blog piece today Am I Mom Enough? A Motherhood Wish List where a mother reflects beautifully on what she really wants to teach her child. I tried desperately to have a few favorites, but they’re all my favorite, so here’s a few:

I hope I raise a child who will stick up for a kid who’s being bullied on the playground. I also hope I raise a child who, if he’s the one being bullied, fights back. Hard. Oh, and if he’s the bully? I hope he realizes that his mother, who once wore brown plastic glasses and read the phone book on the school bus, will cause him more pain than a bully ever could.

I hope I raise a child who is courageous when sick and grateful when healthy.

I hope I raise a child who relishes life’s tiny pleasures—whether it’s a piece of music, or the color of a gorgeous flower, or Chinese takeout on a rainy Sunday night.

Anyway, read it if you want to, it’s touching. And a bit affirming depending on your perspective.

My day started with breakfast in bed (nuts & berries)








Then the first ever trip to the dog park (we all survived, thank you for asking)

Then a delicious Whole30 Mom’s Day Breakfast: eggs & avocado, kale & sausage, sweet potato hash browns, berries and cream















Normally I would use these fancy glasses for mimosas, but this is satisfying and delicious!

Then a deep clean on both kids rooms (like the 5-hour, 2 trip to Goodwill kind). Great bonding with my Mom who is an awesome project genius. Thanks Mom!

Then a Whole30 dinner (hamburger, chicken, brussel sprouts, 1/4 sweet potato) with lots of leftovers for the week.

No WOD today.

And this is just plain funny.






Choose happiness always.




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Day 128

Saturday, May 12

Love Whole9. Love Dallas and Melissa. Can’t wait for their new book It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways.

Today they posted a link to a blog entry I’d read before, but it was a great reminder to read The Whole9 Health Equation again. (Reminder that there are 9 dimensions of optimum health according to Whole9)






The Health Balance equation builds on these elements.





This valuable bit of perspective reminds us that while nutrition (diet if you must call it that) is the foundation for our health, that we make other daily choices that factor in (heavily, in fact) to our results.

The concept of “balance” is not only the ideal of sensing an evenness, but Dallas and Melissa draw the parallel to a bank account in this case. Our choices are credits and debits to this balance. For example, good nutrition can be a credit but lack of sleep can be a significant debit. Therefore, the big picture goes beyond nutrition to include other factors as well.

They caution against a nutrition solution to a lifestyle problem. Diets don’t do it. We have to make lifestyle choices that are sustainable. Using the health balance equation can help us crank up our awareness and see the big health picture.

WOD: Nothing like a Saturday morning Hero WOD at Fit Bodies. Good times.


3 rounds for time

30 squat cleans 65#

30 pull ups (my hands are a disaster)

800 m run

36:14 RX

PWO SFH shake

Leftover Whole30 lasagna & coconut manna


Beef & Chicken Stir Fry (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini) with Fried F’rice

Mixed nuts

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Day 127

4 rounds
150 ft walk w 95# barbell overhead
30 box jumps 20″
20 wall balls 14#
10 hand stand push ups

Pwo sfh shake
3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, kale, sweet potato hash
Leftover steak and chicken in salad; chopped veggies
Coconut cream with berries
Leftover hamburger and steak, asparagus, 1/4 sweet potato w almond butter, salad
Coconut cream w coconut bites

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Day 126

Thursday, May 10

Up a little late, waiting for a call that Rob and Pierce have arrived in Nashville for chess nationals. So proud!

Also thinking about a great group of people who joined me for dinner tonight. Most of them graduate from ISU tomorrow and I know they will change the world.

The great joys of my life!

Though, earlier today, I turned into a stress ball while I was getting ready for work. This doesn’t happen often, but it happens sometimes (if I’m honest about it).

I mussed and fussed with what to wear and ended up in a drum-drab pair of old pants and an ill-fitting sweater. I looked ready to slouch in my chair all day, looking and feeling as sorry for myself as possible.

And then I realized. I’m dressed like my mood.

It’s a peculiar dilemma to consider if my mood made me dress that way, or, my head made me dress that way to ensure that my mood would continue.

What’s remarkable is that I’m learning enough about myself to notice this and make an intentional decision to change my mood (and my clothes)!

Moments later, in a trendy black-and-white dress with a red belt and heels, I went bounding down the stairs with confidence. I decided right then and there to kick my mood to the curb and make the most of the day.

Maybe I’m wrong about all of it; perhaps it’s too simple that clothes can change my mood, but it has to start somewhere.

And it worked. I felt great all day.

Choose your mood.

Red shoes help.

13 Min AMRAP

1 Power Snatch (95/65lbs)  ( ** Scale for this will be Clean/Jerk**)

1 Toes To Bar

2 Power Snatch

2 Toes To Bar

3 Power Snatch

3 Toes To Bar

4 Power Snatch

4 Toes To Bar

5 Power Snatch

5 Toes To Bar

6 Power Snatch

6 Toes To Bar

**After every EVEN (2, 4, 6,8,10 etc)  round you will complete 2 Wall Climbs**

Continue in this fashion for the duration of the 13 Minutes.

8 rounds + Wall Climbs RX


PWO SFH shake

3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, kale & sausage, sweet potato hash

leftover veggie lasagna; zucchini; 1/2 avocado

1/2 lara bar

4 oz steak; 3 oz chicken

green salad


coconut cream



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Day 125

Wednesday May 9

21 Parallette Pass Throughs

21 Hand Release Push Ups

21 Air Squats

400m Run

15 Parallette Pass Throughs

15 Hands Release Push Ups

15 Air Squats

400m Run

9 Parallette Pass Throughs

9 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Air Squats

400m Run

25 Burpees

12:32 RX


PWO SFH shake

3 eggs, kale, sausage, sweet potato hash

Leftover chicken & steak, veggies, brussel sprouts, cauliflower rice

1/2 lara bar, dried cherries/mangos

Meat/zucchini/squash lasagna

Coconut & raspberries

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Day 124



5 Deadlifts (135/95lbs)

7 KB Swings (53/35lbs)

5 Hang Cleans (135/95lbs)

Rest 1 Minute.  Repeat for a total of 3 Rounds.  Keep track of total rounds and reps!!

9 rounds + deadlifts

STRENGTH: Deadlifts – warm up – 5 @40%, 5 @ 50% 5 @60%

CASHOUT: 1 set of as many consecutive KB Swings as possible…As soon as done with that set complete a 200m run plus a hill.

100 35# KB swings

The last time we did this (about 6 weeks ago), I got 60 reps, mostly because Coach Zac nearly dared me to.

Today, I set out for 80-ish reps, thinking that I needed to increase my number from last time by a little bit.

Before 60 reps, I had already thought about stopping. Instead, I heard my FitBodies community cheering me on and pushed through. My friend Whitney encouraged me, saying, “C’mon Jen, get 5 more” and so I did. And then she said it again. And so I did.

Before I knew it, I had passed 60, and was pleasantly surprised. Nearing 70, I dazed a bit and came with it about 78 or so. I pushed to 80 and felt more like stopping than ever. In the mid-80s, however, with the team cheering me on, I thought to myself, “Are you really going to stop at 80? If you ever want to go over this number, this means you would start all the way back at the bottom and work up. Really, do you want to do that?”

90 was just around the corner. I thought about stopping once more and then realized that stopping just shy of 100 would be ridiculous. So I pressed on.

100 felt great. And here are the lessons:

1. Share success with others. I didn’t do that on my own. Good things like this happen more often (I won’t say its impossible without, but almost..) when you are surrounded by a community that supports you and gives you energy and pushes you to reach your full potential.

2. Use momentum to your advantage. Think about having to rack up all the reps again before you stop.

3. Dig deep. You always have something left in the tank (as Coach Zac would say)

4. Pace yourself. Perform like you could do it all day. And believe that you actually could.

5. Set a goal for next time. Before I left the gym, I recorded this in my journal and knew that next time I would complete either unbroken 53# swings or (and) 120 35# swings.

Thanks Fit Bodies crew for the push. You are all amazing.


PWO SFH shake

3 eggs, kale, sausage, sweet potato hash

Brussel sprouts, chicken salad, no dressing

1/2 lara bar

Hamburger (plain)




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Day 123

Great workout. 13:something RX

20 reps ea round on tabata

65# strict press


#barbell mashup

Rx 95/65lbs (You will use the same weight for your Front squats, Push Press, and Thrusters)

10 Front Squat/10 Push Press/10 Thrusters/2 Chest To Bar Pullups/2 Box Jumps (24/20) /2 Burpees

8 Front Squat/8 Push Press/8 Thrusters/4 Chest To Bar Pullups/4 Box Jumps/4 Burpees

6 Front Squat/6 Push Press/6 Thrusters/6 Chest to Bar Pullups/6 Box Jumps/6 Burpees

4 Front Squat/4 Push Press/4 Thrusters/ 8 Chest To Bar Pullups/8 Box Jumps/8 Burpees

2 Front Squat/2 Push Press/2 Thrusters/ 10 Chest To Bar Pullups/ 10 Box Jumps/ 10 Burpees

CASHOUT: Tabata Squats

STRENGTH: Stict Press – warm up- 5@ 40%, 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 65%


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, kale & sausage, sweet potato

Salad w/chicken, veggies, 1/2 apple

1/2 apple w. teaspoon almond butter


Chicken & steak stir fry w/ peppers & onions, cauliflower rice, brussel sprouts

Coconut cream


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