Day 116

Monday, April 30

This is the first video in the new, four-part series, The Skinny on Obesity, from the University of California, San Francisco. (all of the videos can be found on their YouTube channel)

This video explains convincingly that the ideas that “a calorie is a calorie” (or “all calories are created equal” as some say) and that obesity is simply a result of overeating and lack of exercise are false.

What is clear is that sugar, specifically fructose, is damaging our bodies (and minds) at a rapid rate, resulting in an epidemic that has far too few of us alarmed. Further, we’ve allowed the diet industry to convince us that healthy fats are bad for us and stripped our foods of them when, in fact, we need these fats to replace sugar and reverse its’ ill-effects.

Even more a worry is that while obesity is a marker for multiple sugar-induced disease states (8 of them actually–type 2 diabetes, lipid problems, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, polysystic ovary syndrome, cancer, and dementia), 40% of people who are not obese (but may be eating the standard diet of sugar, etc.) will also suffer from the same diseases as their obese counterparts.

After reading this article (The Hidden Reason You Get Flabby) by Dr. Mercola and watching the video, it is hard not to advocate for change. It also makes me realize that while longing for Whole30-inspired 6-pack abs is a stretch goal for me, the bottom-line benefit of the Whole30 lifestyle is that it can actually save lives.

The mystic grip of food on our lives is still stunning to me. Our relationships with food are so complex, and we guard them like they are sacred. Food rewards and punishes, satisfies and damages, celebrates and mourns, and comforts and torments us. Like so many people I know, I spent so long fighting the need to dig deep and examine all of this. And even now, with my awareness heightened, I don’t extend my choices beyond myself–I still buy my children unbalanced meals and find myself promising dessert if dinner is finished.

Are we responsible? Helpless? Something in between? This graphic confirms that only 10 companies own much of our food supply. Food issues bridge politics, economics, culture, environment, place, justice, and so much more.

So how do we forget about the complex issues and dangers of food long enough to eat it?

Simple. It looks, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes good.

Its not surprising that the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity reported that television advertising increased dramatically across all age groups from 2001 to 2010, with the sharpest increases among the most unhealthy categories of food (packaged, restaurant, and sweets and snacks). Children see 13-15 food messages per day, with adolescents and adults seeing many more.

All of this convincing us we can’t live without it.

But what if the video is right? What if we can’t live with it?

Both cannot be true.

I’m excited to explore this further this Wednesday at Dinner and a Movie Night (tickets still available!) at Station 220 in Bloomington. I’m so proud that Fit Bodies CrossFit is co-sponsoring this event. I’ll leave you with the trailer for Hungry for Change:

WOD: #a what?

5 Rds for Time

5 Burpee Power Cleans (135/95lbs) Rx+ (155/115lbs)

35 Double Unders

Immediately upon finishing complete a 500m Row or 400m Sprint

21:something RX (double unders killed me)



15 Hollow Rocks

10 Supine Ring Rows


Power Clean – warm up  – 80%x3, 85%x3, 90%x3

3 @ 125# (yeah!)


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, kale/sausage, sweet potato hash

Leftover shrimp curry, coconut

Apple w/ almond butter

Baked pork chop, brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash



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3 Responses to Day 116

  1. mom says:

    Awesome stuff!!!

  2. Barb Atwell says:

    Love it!!! Thanks Jenny!

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