Day 110

Tuesday April 24

And just when I had it all under control (wink)








Yes. That is what you think it is. Bow wow wow, yippe yo, yippe yea. Snoop doggy dogg.

Meet Paisley Swan McDade.








Her name is a Pearl original and she is a 10 month old wire-haired dachshund/scottish terrier mix adopted today from Wish Bone Canine Rescue.

I’m hoping to ward off getting awakened by dog or kids tonight, but I’m off to bed early just in case!

WOD: run 1000m; 3 sets of 105# clean and jerk; 10 burpee over box jump (I modified a bit) 19:49

Strict press to 1@80#


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, broccoli, sweet potato hash

Tuna  (w/ spinach salad)

Broccoli & leftover brussel sprouts

Chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, kale & peppers



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One Response to Day 110

  1. mom says:

    Lucky dog… happy, cute, sweet girl. Have a great day!

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