Day 108

Sunday April 22

Team Grim Reaper Fitness @

Sullivan, IL Triathlon

.25 mile swim

11.8 mile bike

3.1 mile run

My first rodeo! (I’m in the red visor, posing here with a great team and coaches!)

I finished in 1:21:29 and, I add, humbly, took 2nd place in my age group.

Best part: I learned a lot and felt great at the finish (2 best parts I guess).

Amazing observations from today’s event (in no particular order):

1. Truly great facilities and volunteers to make the race work. It doesn’t matter how large or small a community is, when a community is committed to wellness it is really cool and impressive.

2. Truly great competitors. Great attitudes, lots of encouragement, and people willing to help a sista’ out.

3. Uhhh, one word, CrossFit. I completely under-trained for this race by traditional training standards. Although my awesome Coach Erik at Grim Reaper Fitness provides training plans, I’m not always following them (see goals for next time). That said, every few minutes, I found myself reaching deeper into the CrossFit wheelhouse: being brave in the pool, confident in the transitions, digging deep into the legs on the bike (20-30 mile per hour cross winds–crazy!), and pushing through the run (mental power–and my best 5K time by nearly a minute!). My WOD training prepared me for this race. My strength took me through it. I tapped my focus, willpower, and confidence over and over again.

4. So, standing on the pool deck with about 180 people in Speedos and tri suits (realize I’m including myself in this) kind of hits home the message that 80% of our physical appearance can be attributed to diet and non-fitness wellness choices. As I looked around (praying people weren’t looking at me!), I thought to myself: All of these people have the exercise background to finish a sprint triathlon. Most of us probably follow similar training routines. However, I noticed there is no “standard” body type or shape. Just a lot of Speedos. This led me to believe that diet and non-fitness wellness choices really do matter, Speedo or not.

5. Try everything once! And obsess and worry away if you will, but then find confidence, be brave, and do it.

6. Learn, learn, learn. I had a great event today. And I learned so much. I already have several new goals: buy a tri-bike (<;—— should say win the lottery), train the bike and swim more, maintain my running, cut transition times, maintain CrossFit, maintain Whole30.

7. Whole30 is a solid foundation for wellness. My body had the fuel it needed to perform today. My energy never dipped. There was always something left when I needed to dig deeper. I am living the philosophy that I eat to workout not workout to eat.

8. A person can survive on a bike (borrowed–Thanks Kim G!) in a wet, sleeveless tri-suit for 11.8 miles in 20-30 mile per hour cross winds, in rural Illinois, under overhead skies.

What an adventure!

Hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon (for those of you just dying to see me in a tri suit–HA!)

In the meantime, that about covers my WOD for the day.


3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, kale, chicken sausage, sweet potato hash (about 2.5 hours before the race)

Lara bar (about 30 minutes pre race)

PWO SFH shake

Jambalaya (shrimp & chicken sausage), 1/2 sweet potato w/ almond butter, broccoli

Jambalaya, broccoli, coconut cream

Next transition–getting into bed!




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7 Responses to Day 108

  1. Ken Wright says:

    AWESOME!! Well done, we have some great triathlons here on Sunshine Coast….hosted The Worlds here at Mooloolaba!

    And even better you Rob & the kids have a great place to stay…with us!! Base yourself here for an Aussie holiday!

    Fantastic effort….What a blast the feeling is to complete an event like that….especially the first!


    • WOW! Thanks Ken for that amazing invitation. I would love to meet you in person and experience the Aussie hospitality. A race there to top it off–I can only hope! Thanks for reading!

  2. mom says:

    Great!!! You did it! Proud of you!
    Love ya.

  3. Christy says:

    Congrats!!! I was training too for a half marathon and then tris this summer but am on a temporary hold allowing a stress fracture in my fibula to heal. Reading your posts is inspiring me more!

  4. Donna says:

    So excited for you, proud of you, and inspired by you! I absolutely love your life! I so treasure our wonderful friendship, love living through you, and enjoy your accomplishments as much as you do. Love, love, love you! Keep it going! You ROCK my world!

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