Day 105

Thursday April 19

Need to choose sleep tonight. See you tomorrow.

WOD: 17:forever (trying to forgive myself; apparently I needed to recover)


24″ box jumps

Hand stand Push ups

Toes to bar


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, brussel sprouts, sweet potato hash

leftover fried rice and stir fry

A few nuts

Hamburger (grassfed) w/ chopped poblano peppers

Sweet potato circles

Brussel sprouts

Coconut cream

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2 Responses to Day 105

  1. Ken Wright says:


    How committed are you….I wish I had 20% of your discipline!
    Great reading Jen….I read a heap after talking to Rob this morning!
    Sunshine Coast Ken NMD

    Needing More Discipline!! Cooking fish on BBQ for 6 tonight….with GREAT Aussie Red Wine!!

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