Day 103

Tuesday, April 17

You have to take pride in and feel fully rewarded by the sense that you’re doing everything you can to reach your stated goal – the means need also be appreciated as a worthy end with any actual change being a bonus.”

From When is it ever enough? on Beauty Lies in Strength, the most recent blogger to challenge herself after getting hung up on her body measurements.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a few bloggers taking on the topic of having improved perspective about wellness. In my own post on Day 91, I confronted our diet culture which uses only pounds and inches, and scales and measuring tape, as sole measures of success.

In a bold and brave post just this week, The Fattest People in Paleo on Paleo Parents,  informed bloggers challenge the idea that all healthy people should look (and act) the same, and face being publicly judged and critiqued by others who measure them against flawed standards of wellness. In their words, “We’re healthy. We’re happy. That should be enough.”

And a few weeks ago, as I shared on Day 84, in the post Paleo Women are Phat, Ancestralize Me reminded us to “take our intellectual capabilities up a notch when deciding what women should look like.”

The fact that we’re all facing the same challenges is both comforting and unsettling, all at the same time. Obviously the tendency to be judged by others (perhaps even well-intentioned, kind people), and held to a flawed societal standard in a culture consumed with food has everyone wrestling with these ideas.

I find real opportunity, though, in the suggestion that when we are trying our very best, we learn to appreciate the means as a worthy end and accept that actual change is a bonus.

I value this because I think it is essential that we value the means as much, or perhaps even more than, the change itself. When figuring out how to make this wellness journey sustainable, this encourages me to fall in love with the means, and embrace the fact that doing my very best at this is enough, whether actual change occurs or not. And, something tells me if the universe has its way, that sustaining and celebrating the means as a worthy end will inevitably, at some point, sometime, somewhere, hit the jackpot–actual change.

Most encouraging is that the worthy means of the Whole30 expand way beyond the limiting factors of diet culture and the misinformed judgement of others. In fact, Whole9 lays out 9 dimensions of optimum health: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Active Recovery, Injury Rehab, Fun and Play, Personal Growth, Temperance, and Exercise. In an upcoming post, I will revisit my reflection from January on each of these 9 areas to measure my progress.

No scale needed.


800m Run

Then 10 Rounds of:

10 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs) (R/L=2)

10 Ground to Overhead w/plate (45lbs/25lbs)

800m Run

15:43 (proud)


3 Rds

10 Ring Jack Knifes (extremely good core exercise)

10 Plate Good Mornings


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, kale, sweet potato hash brown, 1/2 avocado

Leftover fried rice, brussel sprouts

Leftover chicken and kale

New recipe for dinner: Fast Shrimp from Everyday Paleo

Easy, fast, and tasty. I substituted Kale for the Spinach and used 1 chopped Poblano Pepper instead of the Red Pepper. I used 2 pounds of shrimp so that I would have leftovers.








Also made some Raspberry Coconut Cream. Delicious and satisfying.

To bed!

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