Day 101

Sunday, April 15








Do these two kids look like they miss the beach or what?

Let’s just say the Corona/Miller Light display in Meijer will never be the same.

When your 7-year old spends a week fishing with his dad and grandpa, he learns to appreciate a cold one. What can I say.

Well, reentry is not vacation. Reality slipped in somewhere this morning shortly before I woke up, when my last dream ended with a scrolling “to-do” list in my head. I know I am lucky, though, to be able to swing my legs off the side of the bed and get to it (kind of beats the alternatives, in my opinion).

I am REALLY ready for CrossFit tomorrow. Since this blog is all about being honest, I will say my Whole30 focus has slipped a little bit, especially in the last few days. (This is a strictly mental slip, let me be VERY clear, no dietary slips, nutrition is clean.)

However, I find myself looking at things and wondering, “Hmmm…I wonder what just one of those would taste like?” or “Maybe I’d like to try one of those” or “Today would be easier if I could just eat” and so on. Talking myself into today’s run took longer than 2 minutes. And I find myself steeling a glance in the mirror with a disapproving look. And my skirt felt tight(ish). And today I actually thought “Well maybe I will just get on the scale and see if I’ve gained any weight.”

Are you kidding me? Have I absolutely lost? my? mind?

Get a grip girl.

Really, my theory is that I’ve lost a bit of focus because I’m down my CrossFit edge at the moment (only for about 8 more hours)! Tomorrow when I start my day with a WOD mindset, and the endorphins start pumping, I will regain my focus for the next 79 days!

But what the Whole30 has taught me (including being smart enough to talk myself out of getting on the scale!) is that it is important to be aware when my focus is lacking a bit (just like I celebrate when I am 110% focused!) so that I can guide myself back into the groove (slowly–reentry) and maintain and make supportive choices in the meantime.

Doing this with  intentionality and clarity is an important coping skill because focus will ebb and flow, and its up to me to steer back toward my journey.

I haven’t given up on the 100 Day post, but I’m focusing on focusing at the moment.

WOD: 4.5 mile run (39:44)


PWO SFH shake (because I needed some leg recovery AND I had NO groceries!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, kale, sweet potato hash browns, 1/2 avocado (made extra for the next few days)








Lunch: Grilled chicken, Kale, 1/2 Lara bar (these are going in the back of the drawer!–going to my “no lara bars when I’m in my own zip code” rule)

I did take the opportunity to grill about 5 pounds of organic chicken for this week















This will be very helpful for recipes and leftovers.

In fact, for dinner I made Clothes Make the Girl Fried F’rice








This is one of my most-favorite-est recipes.









This is one of my most favorite-est recipes. Ever.

1 tbl coconut manna (making myself measure it out now–and only 1 tbl per day)

Here’s to focus!

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