Day 97

Wednesday, April 11

Orange Beach, Alabama (Day 4)







“Or maybe they are people like you and me pushing to our maximum capacity every day, redefining our personal limits, exceeding our goals, outshining our own expectations–and are outrageously sexy just because of that. Not because of abs and body proportions. But because a lifestyle of Strong that is all about attitude, health, and sharing it.” Life. Beyond RX.

If you think this quote absolutely rocks like I absolutely do, read the whole amazing post, Stop Being Full of Shit When You Celebrate Strong.

Ladies and gents, it is time to get real. Cut the crap. Stop the madness. Get off the scale. Forget Photo-shopped photos. And 18-pack abs.

Give me a break.

Strong means lots of things. To lots of people.

RealStrong is a great role model (check out their Facebook page). This isn’t anti-skinny, or anti-anything for that matter; it’s celebrating strong in its many forms, visible AND invisible.

STRONG=Sharing an attitude of health. Boom.

(Big shout out to my FitBodies Cross Fit community–this post makes me miss you even more!)

If this is the Strong lifestyle, I’m all in. Thanks to Life. Beyond RX. for putting such meaningful words to my feelings and those of so many, many others I’m sure.

WOD: Travel WOD

Slightly modified from My Think Fit on Facebook this morning (THANKS tons, great WOD!)

5 rounds for time (OMG workout posted @ 10 rounds!)

10 sumo burpees

10 squat jumps

10 push ups

10 criss cross (bicycle) (1 rep was both sides)

10 tuck jumps

10 plank jacks

10 switch lunge

10 leg lifts

10 mountain climbers (1 rep was both sides)

10 40lb. goblet squats (my addition)



2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, 2 links chicken sausage, salsa, 1/2 sweet potato

3 pieces mackerel, brussel sprouts, broccolini

Apple and coconut cream

Oh, and yes, the Chunky Monkey recipe I promised. Someone posted a link on FB to this Easy Paleo recipe today that reminded me.

This looks good, my recipe is only slightly different (and thanks to a FB friend for sharing hers and I modified only very slightly)

1 banana frozen (don’t know if its possible to get it too frozen–give it a day)

1 can Thai Kitchen coconut milk (not low fat!) refrigerated for at least a day (Scoop out the top layer which will be very firm and do not use the liquid that is on the bottom)

Pure vanilla extract (buy the good stuff) use about 1/2 or 1 teaspoon

All natural 100% unsweetened cocoa use about 2 tbl-1/4 cup-1/2 cup (think this is personal preference–add until you like it)

Whip it in/with the best mixer you have. I use my Cuisinart food processor (yes! I brought it on vacation). To get it creamy, you may need more than a hand mixer but do your best (I know you will)


And think about what being strong, REAL strong, means.

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One Response to Day 97

  1. Donna says:

    Me too! Me too! I’m all in too! Take me with you on this journey – I want some of your STRONG! Said it before, will say it again – I love you!

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