Day 95

Monday, April 9

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.” Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize-winning author

Think about it. We’ve been eating our whole lives. Other than breathing (and crying, in the case of my kids at least), eating is about the second or third or fourth thing we do. One of the many reasons the Whole30 is such a powerful tool is because it helps us understand something we’ve done our whole lives (literally), but in a whole new way. Please add this to the list of reasons Whole30 is different. Good different.

Surrounding myself with learning tools on this wellness journey is essential. Like so much else in our lives, there is no shortage of information to guide this process. More important is making the time to learn and evaluating what I read, hear, and see for takeaways and big ideas. (Of course, I have to run what I read through the “Jen Lens” to determine what sticks!) From blogs to Facebook to Pintrest to Twitter to websites to podcasts to journal articles and more, information is fueling my journey. I’ve made many of these sources available here as links and on the Jen’s Whole30 Facebook page as well and I try to update it every so often.

So when I discovered a really thoughtful new website today that I hadn’t previously seen (thank you to Everyday Paleo for running a guest post–about the importance of sleep BTW), you can only imagine my excitement!

Introducing Alison Golden at Paleo Non Paleo!

On the way to getting lost in Alison’s blog, I found a few very valuable tools that I would like to share. The first is 46 Paleo Tips Anyone Can Do. (You know that Paleo is one of the Whole30 building blocks so lots of this is relevant!) Here are a few of her tips that I plan to make part of my routine:

7. Get to know your butcher (ask questions about where the meat comes from) (or get a butcher–my addition!)

8. Enter the store through the produce department, if possible.

10. Buy at least one different type of vegetable for each day of the week.

18. Batch cook.

35. Swig water at stop lights.

44. Have someone else clean the kid’s plates if you eat (or are tempted to eat–my addition) their leftovers. (love it when kids clean their own plates–right!?)

These are great ideas and if you’re interested, check out the post for 40 more!

Also, sign up with your email on the website to receive the free report, 10 Tragic Mistakes People Make When Going Paleo, which I downloaded today. Here are a few of her insights which I especially appreciate:

1. Having the wrong goals (weight loss) and overlooking “bigger, more sustainable” goals such as joy and physical and mental strength.

2. Not knowing yourself. “What does health look like to you?” (great question, watch for a future post where I examine this)

5. Talking too much. You know, rants about cavemen and bacon. I think answering the questions in #2 can clarify the “what” and the “why” in your own terms and make this talking more relevant and reasonable. Just my two cents.

8. Using the wrong success criteria. “And there’s more to Paleo success than what you weigh.” Her words. She suggests many other benchmarks that can be used, of course.

Gosh, I sure hope you check this out and find it as helpful as I have. And, please think about sharing your favorite source with me so that I can add it to the queue and pass it on.

WOD: 3.5 mile run in the surf (don’t get to do that everyday!)


2 eggs, sweet potato hash browns, 1/2 avocado, small piece of grilled chicken topped with salsa

Grilled chicken, asparagus, 1/2 larabar

Apple, pistachios

Grilled hamburger (grass fed, local beef), grilled onion, asparagus, small sweet potato (w/ small amount of almond butter)

Wonder what I’ll learn tomorrow!?





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One Response to Day 95

  1. Donna says:

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll learn tomorrow! As you learn, I learn – and, love it!

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