Day 92

Thanks to everyone who shared messages of support on yesterday’s post.

What a day! I’m writing you from Birmingham Alabama on the way to Gulf Shores to beach-it for a week!

Even better to leave IL on a day when it was a little chilly. I’m so glad it was cold this morning because in the pocket of my north face this morning I found the weigh in slip from Day 60.

Remember yesterday when I couldn’t find the body fat measurement to
compare to? Problem solved. But wait,
there’s more.

In 30 days, I’ve reduced my body fat by 1.5%.

It all makes sense now.

Sure, I’ve only lost .5 pounds, but I’ve been converting fat to muscle.

Same message as yesterday, I’m not changing a thing!


6 min amrap
Lateral hop 20″-10
Dumbbell burpee 25# -5
5 rounds plus 17 reps

6 min amrap
2 wall climb
4 95# hang clean
4 rounds plus 2 reps

Pwo sfh
2 Eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, sweet potato hash
Leftovers from last night (i was the only person doing “bring your own paleo” in the McDonald’s
Dinner. Ditto lunch. @ subway.

To the beach!

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