Day 83

Food was never intended to be used as fun. Food was intended to be used as nourishment. When you use food as fun, your body has no fun at all. It works harder and ultimately can’t fight off the effects of mistreatment. You could define fun another way. You could define fun as healthy and happy. But you might have to change your whole idea about food. Neale Donald Walsh

Thanks to my friend and loyal follower and supporter Donna Johnson who posted this today. Donna is the amazing owner of Renovate Your Lifestyle, a life coaching organization dedicated to sharing Donna’s own inspiring wellness journey and helping others.

As a person whose day could be turned perfect when someone said “Dairy Queen?”, I understand how food can feel fun. When traveling, what is more fun than trying a local restaurant or shopping at a new market? Isn’t it only Friday if we have pizza and beers? And don’t we all deserve drinks at happy hour?

But how does our body respond to a Dairy Queen blizzard or pizza and drinks?

Before you know it you are feeling tired, depressed, sluggish, bloated, guilty and so on. None of these are fun!

So what can you do to avoid these feelings? Change your whole idea about food.

Approaching food as nourishment convinces you to steer clear of the loaded brownie Reese’s blizzard because fun comes elsewhere and health is your main goal.

Speaking of health, I need some sleep.

WOD Nancy 5 rounds 400 m ru and 15 65# ohs 12:39rx

Pwo SFH shake
2 eggs hash and sweet potato latkes
Chicken 3 Oz and sweet potato latke
Grilled salmon, broccoli, kale, 1/2 Sm sweet potato


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One Response to Day 83

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the kudos my friend! That one quote alone has really changed how I think about food, well that and Whole30. Life isn’t and can’t be the same once you acknowledge and take responsibility for your choices! You yourself have an amazing wellness journey and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Carry on, keep on, and move on – you are changing lives!

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