Day 80

Sunday, March 25

Of all the unique things about this blog, this is the first one typed while watching a season premiere of Mad Men. A 2-hour premiere. Special.

Today was the end of the open round of the CrossFit Games. This worldwide contest will conclude this summer with the Games (website here).

In this round, individuals on our FitBodies team completed 5 workouts, and I am so proud of us! Every person gave every workout their all.

Along the way, those of us who did the workout once and knew we could do better, did it again. We built confidence that continues to drive us in other workouts and we learned and practiced brand-new skills because we were dared to.

Sure, there are some things I can’t do–yet.

I will be working on a 100-pound snatch. And a muscle-up. And stronger, faster, and more consistent chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Last week, I repeated the 12.4 workout a second time and blew through my first score with minutes to spare.

Today, I repeated the 12.5 workout for a third time (because after getting the exact, same number of reps during the first two rounds, I wondered if I could just break through and add points to the team score), and fell 9 reps short.

As my friend Ali told me, “Removing the question mark was the brave thing to do.”

I was so struck by this idea. (Thanks Ali! You’re a fellow CrossFitter, faithful blog reader, and close friend.)

Workouts aside, how often in life do we skip the opportunity to “remove the question mark” and convince ourselves it is what it is because we aren’t brave enough to ask the question and push the limits, or try again and face failure? While I went into the workout today thinking mostly about succeeding, in the back of my mind, I knew the opposite was possible. I didn’t dwell on it or feel anything other than the normal nervousness, and I choose to be all in regardless of what the outcome was.

I risked failure (and failed).

I chose to remove the question mark.

And it was brave.

My take-away is to never hesitate to take away the question mark. If you think you can, try. Be brave. Especially if you’re not sure.

WOD: 4 mile run (thanks Jane!) and 12.5 (but you already knew that!)



Shared Sunday breakfast with some friends. Great photo, right?

2 eggs; hash: kale, chicken sausage, acorn squash; berries; sweet potato latkes; and pumpkin muffins

*New Recipe* Pumpkin Muffins Adapted from What Runs Lori

I gave these a Whole30 makeover and they were delicious. I eliminated the honey/syrup, added some chopped pecans to the batch, and used coconut oil. I also added some shredded coconut.

Lunch: Big breakfast (obviously) so not much for lunch

PWO: SFH Shake

Dinner: Again with friends. We are blessed.

Chicken, steak, burger, asparagus, and a little sweet potato (w/ almond butter) (this is a special little treat by the way!)

Choose to remove the question mark. You owe it to yourself.

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  1. Kyler says:

    That meal sounds delicious!

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