Day 79


It was a Bass Pro Shop kind of day. (that’s quite good if you are wondering)

Today’s stats:
1 CrossFit Games WOD
Same exact number of reps as the other day=59; wanted to break 60 so bad! However have perspective that since I just learned chest to bar (Thursday) and the FB way is chest hits bar every single rep, this is a good result.

6 kids, 2 giraffes, 1 giant outdoors store, 5 ice cream cones, $6 at the shooting range and lots of camo
A really fun trip to Peoria to play all day! So grateful for my Whole30 mood-swing free lifestyle. Feeling cool
as a cucumber all day is good stuff. Trust me.

1 great dinner out with fun people, 1 delicious steak, and 2 monkeys riding dogs herding 4 sheep
No I’m not making it up. I really did go to dinner. And then to an Edge football game where there were monkeys riding dogs herding goats. Yes. I’m serious.


2 eggs pre workout
Sfh shake pwo
2 eggs spinach and sweet potato hash
Leftover shrimp and chicken w salad
Flat iron steak seared and veggies (no oil no butter so whole30 approved)
Coconut manna

1 tired me!

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