Day 77

Thursday, March 22

A few years ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a cool activity. As we shared dinner with some close family friends, we sat around the table marked with place cards that the kids and I had made. (We made turkeys out of our fingerprints believe it or not!)

Before we ate, we each wrote what we were thankful for inside our place card and placed all of them in the bowl in the center of the table. As dinner went on, we read them one by one and listened as each of us shared.

Many were thankful for good friends and family. Pearl was thankful for dogs. (Anyone that knows Pearl, knows that being thankful still hasn’t scored the poor kid a dog!) Pierce was thankful for underwear. Seriously. That’s my boy!

That evening and today, I’m thankful for BALANCE.

Of course, just because I’m thankful for it doesn’t mean I always have it, but it does mean that I aspire to it. To me, balance is a responsibility. And it’s my job to seek balance.

Balance doesn’t come easy. I started thinking about it today when I found this quote on Facebook:

“Obsession is easy. Balance is the real challenge.”

This strikes me as quite true. How easy is it for the pendulum to swing to one side or the other, ignoring the balanced middle? And of course, this is true with the good and the bad, right? It is as easy to cultivate an obsession that is bad or unhealthy as it is to cultivate one that may have some tangible benefits, but still is not in balance.

As I seek out some answers about my 360 journey, I am committing this quote to memory. Since my goal is to integrate optimum health into my life, I want to seek balance in the process of doing so. Is it easier to lock-in to a specific program like the Whole30 forever (obsessed?), than it is to balance healthy choices and daily life?

A little more research led me to wonder when obsession could be healthy? I found an inspirational list of 6 Obsessions that Will Make You a Better Person on the Meant to Be Happy blog.

The post starts with another interesting quote:

“Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.”

As a person that sometimes feels driven by passion and energy, I feel good reading this. Its a good reminder, though, that passions can be misplaced and misguided too.

So here are the 6 Obsessions:

1. Be obsessed with your family


2. Be obsessed with your values.

3. Be obsessed with your health.


4. Be obsessed with learning.

5. Be obsessed with making a difference.

6. Be obsessed with balance.

And it comes full circle. A positive obsession is a passion. And an obsession for balance can make me a better person.

So as I consider this 360 journey, I will have a passion for balance.

WOD: CrossFit Games 12.5

7 minute AMRAP

3 thrusters 65#, 3 chest to bar pull-ups

6 thrusters, 6 C2B pull ups

9 thrusters, 9 C2B pull ups

and so on.

This was a wild WOD for me. I decided to get validated this morning (makes my score official) just in case today was my high score.

I hopped up to the bar feeling confident only to discover that I couldn’t reach my chest to the bar (let me add my optimum health language), YET.

After a small freak-out I did what I had to do. I made the best of it. I changed my grip to the other side of the bar (kind of like changing from an overhand to an underhand throw) and fought through the 7 minutes like crazy.

I ended up 1 rep shy of finishing the 12 rep round.

So now I know my goal for Saturday. Recover. Then fight like hell to get all the way through the 12 rep round and finish 15 thrusters. Because I can.

Thanks to the crew for cheering me on, even though I looked like a 4th grader on chin-up day in PE.


PWO SFH recovery drink (as clean as they  make them, not entirely W30 but necessary for recovery)

3 eggs, sweet potato hash, kale, 1/2 avocado

Fried F’rice w/ chicken leftover and coconut cream

Fried chicken w/ zucchini and asparagus and coconut cream

Off to have passion for balance (laundry & kids to bed!). See you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Day 77

  1. Donna says:

    Balance; critical to creating a healthy, happy, inspired lifestyle. I thought for sure I would see you last evening at the After Ours Business Event. Renovate Your Lifestyle was at the Eastland Chiro Event. I had it in my heart to see you….I missed you! Love you and looking forward to see your smiling face and get a hug soon. Muah! Your blog always makes me smile as I watch you grow. What a blessing to be joining you on this magnificent journey.

  2. mom says:

    WOW!!! Great!

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