Day 76

Wednesday, March 21

Taking a breather tonight after yesterday’s big announcement. Didn’t see it? Read it here.

For those who have seen it, thank you for reading it and for sharing your support. You mean the world!

Still waiting for volunteers to join me for a Whole30. Don’t worry, you have somewhere between now and 104 days to figure it out.

Back in action tomorrow! Right now I’m falling asleep and I’m always worried I’m going to start posting secrets or something.

WOD: 7 rounds of max plyo push up & 50 m sprint

Stayed between 8-12 on rounds

Then rest 2-3 minutes and then do 25, 15, 10 KB swings & air squats

I did RX+ which is 53#

The whole thing in 19:20

PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, kale, sweet potato hashbrowns

Lunch: Leftover fried rice (seriously, I’m so tired, that just said fried “rick” when I went back to edit)

dinner: Fried chicken w/ tomato sauce (tastes like chicken parm), asparagus, zucchini

Coconut cream

Anything you want me to write about tomorrow? Please post in comments! Zzzzzzzzz…….

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3 Responses to Day 76

  1. Donna says:

    Secrets! Yes, write about those!

  2. Jessica says:

    You are awesome Jen! I admire you, I could never do it past the 30 days. What is the SFH shake, I am sure I missed that somewhere!

    • Thanks Jessica! I was just thinking about you. So great to hear from you!
      SFH is Stronger Faster Healthier which is the best recovery product my coach has been able to find. It is grassfed whey and with the exception of this and a very slim amount of steiva, it is very clean. So, while its not exactly Whole30, I need a good recovery product, and this is it. Here is a link to their site:
      Thanks again!

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