Day 75

Tuesday, March 20

Just an ordinary Tuesday. Well, not really. There are no ordinary days anymore. And certainly not today.

I know despite your busy, crazy lives, some of you spent at least a fleeting second today guessing what the big announcement would be. I hope I can collect a list (please feel free to comment) of what you’d dreamed up for me to announce. Who knows, your idea may inspire me for my next big announcement.

Before I share the news, a few reasons about why today isn’t ordinary. I’m closing in on 90 days–a challenge that 75 days ago I wasn’t completely convinced was possible– and yet I’m still a safe-enough distance from my goal to consider (and make decisions about) the future without feeling tugged or tied to any certain direction. I’m learning something new every day that contributes to my wellness mindset. And I’m blessed; truly, madly, deeply blessed, to be inspiring and motivating others and hearing your stories.

So with this in mind, I’m ready to announce that Jen’s Whole 30 is entering a new phase. After lots of thought, some soul searching, and a few conversations with trusted supporters, I’ve decided that the next milestone (after the promised 90, of course!) is 180 days.

That’s right. Today, while I have the luxury of time to decide, I’m committing to this lifestyle for 180 days, or 115 days from today to be exact. From now until Friday, July 13, 2012.

And there’s more.

The significance of 180 days (certainly beyond one Whole30 or even three Whole30s) is that I am committing to changing my life and optimizing my health for six full months at which point I will be, in many ways, 180 degrees away from where I started. I will have embedded healthy choices (certainly beyond where I am already) and practiced and shared how I’m living healthy every day.

And I want to toss out one more idea that I’m considering (well, I promised you a big announcement, did you think I would let you down?)…While I relish the idea of being 180 degrees (and days) away from where I started, I also value and embrace so many wonderful things about who I am (a pretty adorable character, yes?!). In fact, I’m not entirely comfortable setting out to reach a goal to end up being completely opposite of where I started.

Therefore, as I move closer to 180 days of Whole30, I will strongly consider the idea of committing to a full 360. Let me explain…(big announcement, remember)…

360 days=360 degrees: My journey in a full circle to embrace optimum health in a sustainable way for life. Everyday. Forever.

360 days takes me to January 8, 2013 and could look something like this:

  • The first 180 days (115 more!) to embrace and share a Whole30 lifestyle and the 9 dimensions of optimum health (Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Active Recovery, Injury Rehab, Fun and Play, Personal Growth, Temperance, and Exercise).
  • The final 180 days to explore and share as I re-integrate the self I embrace and love with the healthy choices that I deserve to develop sustainable wellness for a lifetime.

Sounds awesome, right?

Let’s get this 180 started.

I think you’ll find that little will change here on Jen’s Whole 30. You’re still reading and I’m still writing (thank you, thank you, thank you!). I’ll share daily reports of exercise and nutrition. And life. And, along the way, I’ll start exploring what the 360 journey could look like, and how I could explore and share my integration of optimum health for the long haul.


Please, celebrate with me because 180 degrees rocks and makes for a great journey!

Please post a comment on this blog. “Like” Jen’s Whole 30 on Facebook. Share this with a friend. Follow me. Stalk silently. Whatever you’re good with!

Heck, if you really want to have fun and get super crazy, pick 30 days anytime between now and say, oh, the next 115 days, and join me on this amazing adventure. You know I’ll hook you up.

Until my next big announcement…

WOD: 13 min. AMRAP

3 handstand push-ups, 6 deadlifts (135#), 12 pull-ups, 24 double unders

3 rounds plus up to 9 double unders on round 4

Did 9 inverted push-ups as a sub for HSPU

Deadlift strength: 2 reps @ 175 or 185 (can’t remember! I will look tomorrow)


PWO SFH shake

2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, leftover beets & brussel sprouts

Salad w/leftover chicken, tomato, red pepper, & coconut cream w/ berries

Fried F’rice from Clothes Make the Girl  using leftover chicken, broccoli, zucchini, and egg

Coconut cream w/ blackberries

Big announcement tomorrow!

Just kidding!

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13 Responses to Day 75

  1. Jon Voegele says:

    Very inspirational Jenn!

  2. Melinda says:

    Congrats on the 180-day decision!! You go, girl!!

  3. Wayne says:

    Way to go Jen.

  4. Donna says:

    Great post! Love your style! Such an inspiration for all of us. You continue to amaze me and I continue to find hope in your posts.

  5. Molly says:

    So awesome…thanks for sharing!!

  6. mom says:

    Awesome!! I am so happy for you!!! I really find such joy in reading your posts. Love ya!!

  7. Lauren Silva Laughlin says:

    Got goose bumps reading this…seriously!!! I am so proud of you! Love you!

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