Day 74

Monday, March 19

Tomorrow there is going to be a big announcement on this blog.

Tonight, I’m going to address something I hear all the time. And, by that I mean many of you who are my true friends say things like this, and you’re being honest. And so am I. And by saying this I’m not criticizing, or judging, or complaining, or trying to make you feel like you wish you never said it, or it isn’t normal. At all. Ever. I just want to set the record straight on something.

Especially before tomorrow.

Tomorrow…the big announcement…


Since I started the Whole 30, often I hear, “I could never do that because I’d miss (_ _ _ _ _ _ ) too much,” or “I could never give up (_ _ _ _ _),” or “I wouldn’t want to live without (_ _ _ _ ),” or “How do you live in a house that has all this (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) in it and not eat it?” I’m not really surprised, especially since I’ve been an observer for 74 days in a culture dominated by food feelings. And food events. And food language. And food politics. And food. Food. Food. Food. Food.

Remember. I understand. No judgement. These are fair points.

But my point is, that I don’t feel this way at all. And haven’t. Ever. For 74 days. Honest.

I know I’m always asking you to trust a girl who hasn’t even had sugar for over 10 weeks, but stay with me.

All along, I’ve said the Whole30 isn’t a diet. I’ve called it lots of other things, all of them good, but not that. I know it’s not that because it’s not bringing about a lot of these feelings described above that go really well with most diets that I’ve been on–feelings of longing for foods I miss, battling deprivation, feeling damn near depressed for lack of my favorite foods, and facing food temptations all around me. Of course, these are the feelings that give way to many of the things you’ve shared with me. And I understand. I’ve been there.

But I’m not there now. So, how is this possible? How do I not miss it? How do I not mind being without it? How do I breeze by the pantry and the break room without another thought?

I have changed my relationship with food. 



I don’t think about food in the same ways I used to. Not even close.

I don’t feel anything about food. I don’t miss it. I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t crave anything. I’m not really in the “mood” for things. I don’t spend time thinking about it other than when it is necessary. I don’t want to cheat and have any (thanks for asking though)!

Of course I get hungry. And I make decisions about what to eat. And I make healthy choices. And I do value healthy food and a variety of it because I know this keeps me focused and productive. And I invest a lot of time and energy in food not because I’m emotionally attached to it, but because I care about my body and the choices I make.

But that’s it.

So here I am. I’ve changed my relationship with foods of the past, and I’m working on redefining my relationship with food for the future.

And tomorrow I will make a really, really big announcement. About that.

WOD: 800m run then 5 rounds of 10 power cleans (95#) and 10 burpees: 14:04

Power Clean Max-out: 125#

15 ring dips (doing these daily; hunting down that muscle-up!)


PWO SFH shake

Breakfast: leftover chicken sausage

Lunch: Leftover salad w/chicken, sweet potatoes, kale, coconut cream

Dinner: Chicken from the grill!!, Brussel Sprouts, Orange Beet Chips (yum!) and coconut cream

Thanks for reading. Knowing you’re reading keeps me writing. And making big announcements. Tomorrow.




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9 Responses to Day 74

  1. Tara says:

    🙂 Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow! And yes I am reading, thanks for writing!

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you for writing — I’ve been lurking and thinking. Something in this post hit a nerve — a good nerve. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lucille says:

    I shouldn’t be reading this since I’m up this late in order to complete some grading I long to have done for at least one class tomorrow, but I am. I only got to your blog for the first time today, but I’m a bit fascinated with the little bit I’ve seen and look forward to coming back when I can spend more time. I suspect you are going to announce tomorrow that you’re in this for the long-term now, a lifer so-to-speak. But whatever you announce, all the best with it. You’re on to something.

  4. Margaret Cordill says:

    Great post! Our relationship with food can be one of the most confusing and all consuming relationships in our lives. You are showing everyone that a healthy relationship with food can be done and embraced.

  5. mom says:

    I will definitely be reading… tomorrow.. always. This is good… very good. Good for you, foremost. Love ya.

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