Day 72

Saturday, March 17








Happy Spring!

Pearl and I cut these beautiful flowers out of the yard today. How blessed we are to have such beautiful weather.

I started the day with the CrossFit Games WOD:

150 14# wall balls

90 double unders

30 muscle ups

AMRAP 12:00

My goal was to finish the wall balls and the double unders. Instead, I finished the wall balls and 64/90 double unders. I’m a little disappointed because I just know I can get it! I’m considering going back at it tomorrow.

I’m so grateful to this journey for this kind of thinking and confidence. Before Whole30, I think I would have thought, “Oh well,” but now I want to set a goal and go get it! I’m confident that I can do it because I know I’m strong and well-prepared. What a great feeling.

Before I left the gym today, I spent some time thinking about how thankful I am that I have finally realized that you don’t workout to eat; you eat to workout. And you don’t lose weight to be healthy; you be healthy to lose weight.

It blows my mind to think of all of the years that I worked so hard in workouts but didn’t make all of the other healthy choices that I needed to make to get the results I deserved. I can’t believe all of the 100s of days that I coaxed myself out of bed before 5 am without ever making a real commitment. Live and learn. And realize it’s never too late to make the commitment!

Also had a great 3.5 mi run today.


PWO SFH shake

Lunch: Leftover poblano pepper with chicken & broccoli








Dinner: Salad w/ grilled chicken (beautiful yum!) homemade roasted sweet potato chips, & kale (not pictured)








Also made some coconut raspberry cream. I make this from coconut milk (buy the full fat, unsweetened in the can). I use the top layer which is more solid and use a hand mixer to whip it. I add a few raspberries and a little vanilla extract. Here, I’ve added a coconut flour vanilla bite.















Thanks for reading. Good night!




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3 Responses to Day 72

  1. Wayne says:

    Great effort today doing 12.4
    Good luck on it tomorrow if you decide to repeat it.

  2. mom says:

    Great post!!! …. and until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his/her hand. Love ya!

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