Day 67

Quick tonight. Still catching up on rest from travel. I can only imagine what I would feel like without W30 right now.

One big change today, after a conversation with my Coach, decided to start Stronger Faster Healthier for PWO recovery. Technically this isn’t Whole30 due to the whey in the product, but being that this is the cleanest and most natural product on the market AND I’m having a hard time recovering after some workouts (lots of soreness even with stretching), I made the judgement call. I committed to listening to my body to see if I would have an inflammatory response and no such thing occurred. In fact, my soreness seems to have decreased (although I’m battling fatigue which isn’t unrelated, but not worsened by any problems from SFH). Long story short, this is the best choice in the class of products and if I’m using it as intended, it is a necessary part of active recovery. Done.

Sometimes we have to make these types of judgement calls. These are best made when we line up all the facts and have trusted mentors to discuss them with. Intentionality is the key to making sustainable and reasonable decisions for my health.


15:20 w/ regular push ups
62 wall balls (14# to target)
195# back squat-1 rep

PWO SFH shake
2 eggs and hash
Coconut cream
1/2 apple, hazelnuts
Coconut manna

Light food today. Still in recovery mode from travel. Not 100%. Feel like this quote on FB today:

“If Plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool.”

Tomorrow is another day!

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