Day 66

Sunday March 11

Not trying to overshare, but I’m writing this from my own bed. This is a big deal
because in the last 10 sleeps, I have spent 7 in beds other than my own and, in many cases, without my preferred 7-9 hours of sleep. So goes travel and life in the fast lane. Lol.

Seriously though, I’m convinced I’m not sick yet because of my clean choices. In the old days, choosing alcohol, travel
nosh, and sleeping through the gym made for a pretty rough reentry into life. Not this time! Within 20 minutes I was grabbing healthy groceries and heading home to see my family and stock up the fridge.

That’s what I did today. And I will tell you all about it some night when I’m not this tired. I need to wrap this up before spell check takes over this blog.

Real quick
I made chili, roasted chicken and ribs

Oh and I had a math error in 12.3 yesterday. I did 243 reps not 253. I and still happy with the score.

To be continued……..


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