Day 63

Another awesome day on the road. Started the day with a quick 3-mile run up and back to DuPont Circle and Embassy Row.

Then it was off to District Crossfit for a WOD. The box was great and the people and the coach were cool and welcoming! I really liked the focus on mobility and strength. I used 75# for the set of OHS and for the wod. I finished 3 rounds.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better it was time for the Capitol Dome Tour. A BIG thank you to Senator Mark Kirk’s office for guiding us on the tour. We are so fortunate to have a representative that does this-I learned today that some do not!

The tour was awesome. Basically you climb 13 flights of stairs up into and around the dome.

Here are some pics

From the middle level on the way up:


Looking down:


And looking up from that same spot:


And looking outside:


Then something amazing happens. You climb to the next level.

Looking down


And looking up is, well, beautiful:






Just when you think it can’t be any better, you climb more! Then you get I
go outside. Yes. Seriously.


Behind me there is the Washington Monument.

Here are a few more:



From there, I had a lovely train ride up to NYC. I met a wonderful woman on the train and enjoyed visiting with her.

Then I arrived in Norwalk and was greeted by Liam saying “Aunt Jen”. Precious.

Maggie is beautiful, Lauren and Seth are great, and Mom is sweet as always.

So you know about my day, the wod, and here’s the food report:

Breakfast 2 eggs, chicken sausage, kale
1/2 larabar
Lunch: 2 pieces chicken, brussel sprouts, celery
Snack: chicken and brussel sprouts
Dinner: delicious basil and lemon chicken (thanks Sis!), brussel sprouts, and salad
Then a few coconut cookies.

Can’t wait to reflect on Whole30 travel. Let’s start with how great and rested I feel after 3 days in DC.

More on that soon.

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