Day 62

Great day today. More photos than words tonight because I’m a bit worn out! But that’s what’s supposed to happen after a full day in DC.

Started the day with a 4.6 mi jog with lots of photos.


Washington Monument before dawn.


World War 2 Memorial


Korean War Memorial as the dawn is breaking.


For Pierce and Pearl: their favorite President.


And here comes the sun. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful today.


And who better to be inspired by than Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


And across the street, the girls were having their cereal 😉

The day was jam packed with sessions about agribusiness and transportation. We spent the morning at the USDA and the afternoon on Capitol Hill. No offense BloNo, but I’m supposed to live here!

I enjoyed lots of opportunities for activity today. I walked while I ate my lunch for almost 90 minutes. I also walked back from meetings on the Hill. I estimate I logged about 8 miles walking today. How wonderful.

There is a growing blog post in my head about food based on the time spent at USDA today. I would like to
think I may have unique insight after 62 days of W30.

Speaking of food, I decided to take the night off of brussel sprouts, chicken and celery. I know you’re asking “WHY? We can’t imagine?!?” lol.

I decided to step out and work with the servers and chef to enjoy a w30 meal out. They were incredibly accommodating.


A lovely salad of thinly shaved beets and greens

Then a grilled red fish (forgot to snap a pic) with steamed veggies (no butter, no oil!)

Then some fresh berries (I didn’t even
envy the desserts on the table)

Tomorrow I will try District CrossFit and take the Capitol Dome tour (!!!!) before boarding the train for New York City.

Stay tuned for my W30 reflection on the USDA!

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One Response to Day 62

  1. Donna says:

    Sounds amazing! Enjoy!

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