Day 61

Well it can be done! I left Bloomington this morning and arrived in DC and I’m still rockin’ the Whole30. I’ve busted out my lunch sack in 2 DC food joints and an airport. I’ve socialized with several new people without a drink in my hand. I have had great energy and found as many opportunities as possible for fresh air and activity on a travel day. I’ve shared the concept with lots of new and interested people along the way. Good stuff.

No wod today.

Food: breakfast 2 eggs, kale, chicken sausage
Lunch: fried chicken, Brussel sprouts, celery
Snack: chicken, Mac nuts, 1/2 larabar
Dinner: chicken, Brussel sprouts, celery, coconut cookie

Tomorrow I will try to post some pics. Headed to bed to cash in on my 7 hours!

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One Response to Day 61

  1. Donna says:

    Well done! Carry on my wayward son…..

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