Day 60

I’m leaving on a jet plane so this is gonna be quick.

I shared an amazing article earlier from Whole30 that they posted today called 5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Scale

As it would turn out, I weighed in this morning (60 days and all, you know). I am at 155 pounds; 4.5 less than 60 days ago. This 30 days that means I’m down 2.5 pounds. I also lost about 1.5 inches in my hips.

In case I already didn’t think Dallas and Melissa @ Whole 30 have it goin’ on, their post hits home. Not that I want the 4.5 pounds back, but I know before this I’ve lost that much AND eaten chocolate. C’mon!

So why can I break my scale?

5 reasons:
1. Scale weight fluctuates wildly.
you can say that again. For women especially this can follow a monthly cycle. Nuff said.
2. Scale weight says nothing about health.
why didn’t I think of that. Good point. It’s about asking “am I moving in the direction of better health?” and that may not be in a 100-calorie snack pack
3. The scale blinds you to real results.
this blog is full of results. Every day. 10 days ago I named 50 changes for the better. That doesn’t just happen. If I obsess about the number on the scale I may miss that
4. The scale keeps you stuck on food
so true! I remind myself daily about the 9 dimensions of optimum health that make W30 what it is. As D & M say in their post, the scale cuts off the other dimensions. “no one looks at the number on the scale and says “I need to get more sleep” even though that may be what’s holding them back!
5. The scale maintains control of your self esteem
true that. But it doesn’t have to. Right here right now I’m saying no more! W30 empowers me and it can empower you too!

Wod 5 rounds 21 oh squat @ 65#, 15 jumps over 20″ PVC, 9 burpees
then ohs strength 105 6 reps

Pwo egg whites
Breakfast 2 eggs, hash, 1/2 avocado
Lunch spinach salad w leftover chicken, 1/2 avocado, little leftover beef curry
Snack cut veggies, coconut cookie, Mac nuts
Dinner leftover fried rice

Packed for DC: fried chicken, brussel sprouts, celery, eggs, chicken sausage, kale, Mac nuts, coconut cookies.

Not bringing a scale. Thanks for asking though.

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One Response to Day 60

  1. Adam S says:

    You are doing great! You look awesome btw, I don’t care what the scale says. Keep it up Jen, you are inspiring me to keep healthy and not slip into old habits.

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