Day 59

Sunday, March 4

And then there are some days when life is just really cool.

Check out this totally awesome kid with his hardware and the most gorgeous smile. This is the look of satisfaction when you’ve played your very best and you feel proud. Way to go Pierce for 8th Place-State Tournament Lower Primary (K-1).

And check out this good-lookin’ team of Metcalf Chess Cats who took home 3rd Place Team in Lower Primary. Way to go!

These kids are so fun to cheer for. But not because they win. Because they delight in trying their very best and feel the true joy of satisfaction when they accomplish their goals. What simple ideas that we can all learn from.

When do our minds learn to make excuses? When do our fears start to hold us back? When do we start to think that we just aren’t able to do (that)? When do we decide it is easier to hide behind excuses? When do we become busy enough that we convince ourselves that we just don’t have the time? When do we start to blame others for our decisions? When do we judge others for their choices? When do we lower the bar because we think we deserve it?

If we step back and look at our lives, how many examples provide answers to the questions above? And how many of us, despite the teams of people cheering for us, drown out those voices in negativity or self doubt?

Celebrate your cheerleaders. Trust your teams. Push yourself. Make time. Think positive. Face fear. Change yourself. Eliminate excuses. Raise the bar.

After all, kids that play chess do it all the time–how hard can it be?

WOD: Did yesterday’s hotel wod again

100 jumping jacks/75 air squats/50 hand release push ups/25 burpees/50 jumping lunges/75 sit ups/100 jumping jacks

took off 1:15 and finished in 15:38.

How low will I go by the end of the week? Keep watching.

Also added Tabata Planks.


PWO egg whites

Breakfast: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, kale

Lunch: coconut cream, leftover shrimp, leftover beef curry, leftover spaghetti squash

Snack: piece of chicken breast, coconut

Dinner: Chinese Fried f’Rice from Clothes Make the Girl

One of my go-to, favorite, quick, healthy, crowd pleasers. Make it. Use whatever meat and veggies you wish. (made mine with leftover chicken, 3 eggs, broccoli, pea pods)

Starting to make food to take to DC on Tuesday. Not sure what this says about my priorities, but decided to start with Vanilla Coconut Flour Cookies from The Prudent Wife.

I think I may have eaten a half-dozen just to be sure they are good. They are.

I’m not doing stevia, so I added a little extra vanilla extract instead and also added about half a cup of shredded, unsweetened coconut. I also used coconut oil instead of butter. These are technically Whole30, though probably not a centerpiece of the plan since its called a cookie and could be used as one which kind of defeats the W30 point. However, these do help me with my goal of shoving healthy fat in a suitcase and taking it to DC so I’m comfortable with my choices.

And I ate the six smallest ones.

Think like a Chess Cat today! You deserve it.

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1 Response to Day 59

  1. Donna says:

    Super cool trophy! And, cookies look fabulous! I’m so proud of your success and new found empowerment! You are amazing!

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