Day 58

Great day today! On the road as Pierce plays chess at the state tournament. He’s doing great and we are having lots of fun. Here I am being a “Chess Mom”.


Shout out to my friend Kacey for these amazing shirts and to her and Lynne for spreading sanity this weekend.

Whole30 on the road is the same good ole W30! In last nights traffic and today’s crowded corridor, I find myself much more calm and optimistic and ready to embrace whatever comes next. Ok, the serious retail therapy at TJ didn’t hurt either.

Seriously though, it’s encouraging to do this successfully on the road. I’m thinking ahead to the flight to DC on Tuesday and already planning my approach.

In the meantime, Go Chesscats!!

Wod: hotel wod (plan to do this whenever something else does not workout in the next week and try to improve my time)

100 jumping jacks/75 air squats/50 hand release push ups/25 burpees/50 jumping lunges/75 sit ups/100 jumping jacks


Pwo 3 egg whites and raspberries
Breakfast 2 eggs, chicken sausage and kale

Added 1/2 an avocado

Leftover shrimp brussel sprouts and zucchini cakes


Had 1/2 a larabar late afternoon. First time in w30. Won’t make a habit of it. But better than a cheat.

Also had some brussel sprouts and a little apple.

Rosemary lemon chicken
Spaghetti squash w cinnamon


Then had some coconut cream.

I will say it again. Go Chesscats!

And take your healthy lifestyle on the road when you get a chance; you CAN do it.

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2 Responses to Day 58

  1. Donna says:

    Go Chesscats! Go Jen!

  2. mom says:

    You look great… and I love the t-shirt. It looks like you are having fun. Love ya…

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