Day 57

Here we go! Jen’s Whole30 is hitting the road on and off for the next week.

Tonight we drove to Rockford which should have been an easy 2-hour trip. Unfortunately, due to a large accident the trip took over 5 hours. We are thankful we are fine and sending thoughts to those involved. Luckily we passed the time with satellite radio and paleo lemon rosemary chicken (well I did anyway; the others feasted on Doritos and birthday cake Oreos).

Now that we’re finally here, I’m so excited that our room has a fridge and microwave. I packed lots of food for the next few days and I’m really glad to have somewhere other than a cooler to keep it.


That’s a picture of the fridge.

Wod: double unders, squats and pull ups


Also did games wod 2 and completed 30 snatch at 45# and 30 at 75#. Had over 3:30 min and lots of great people to cheer me on to 100, but unfortunately it just never happened. Not yet anyway!

Pwo egg whites
2 eggs hash 1/2 avocado
Leftover beef curry
Brussel sprouts
Coconut manna
Snack: leftover jambalaya
Snack: 2 oz lemon rosemary chicken
Dinner: leftover curry shrimp; sautéed kale
A little coconut cream

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One Response to Day 57

  1. Kellie says:

    As you said “not yet anyway”, but it will happen soon. Proud of what you have done, enjoy your weekend.

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