Day 56

Thursday, March 1

Ain’t gonna lie. Just about in love with this post from Paleo Pioneer about Interpreting your Emotions.

This post provides a straightforward, five-step process for understanding your feelings and using them as a guide for life’s choices.

This touches in for me on so many levels right now, from big decision making (big life stuff!) to small decision making (why am I avoiding that conversation?). The post encourages us to trust our feelings. In fact, there’s a beautiful quote in the article from the Quakers who say “The way will open.” What a peaceful realization.

But how do you actually get to a place where you use feelings to guide choices? Paleo Pioneer suggests considering choices in terms of how they will make you feel as a means to use feelings intentionally. She suggests imagining scenarios and possibilities before they happen and thinking specifically about how options will make you feel.

Here are the 5 steps (I really do recommend reading the full post here) :

1. Write it

2. Highlight the emotions

3. List the emotions

4. Reflect

5. Way will open

Just like eating and other lifestyle choices encouraged by the Whole30, any increase in intentionality is productive and healthy. An intentional approach to feelings can guide us through life’s twists, turns, and adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I’m preparing for two trips–one to the state chess tournament in Rockford and another to DC and Connecticut for a mix of civic and family time. I’m challenging myself to be W30 on the road (Melissa and Dallas of the Whole30/Whole9 do it all the time!) and hope to check out some CrossFit gyms.

And I sure do hope y’all are along for the ride!

I’m also hoping for a weigh and measure Monday morning. I’ll keep you posted (of course!)


12 Min AMRAP

5 Handstand Pushups

7 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)

9 Box Jumps (24/20)

8 rounds, 135#

Strength: Deadlifts

Got to 7 reps @ 165#

Then practiced snatch for Games WOD 2. (Doing it tomorrow at 11:something am!)

Food: PWO leftover beef curry (late for a meeting!)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, hash, spoon of coconut manna

Lunch: leftover beef curry, zucchini cakes, spoon of coconut


Jewel had kale again! Yeah!

Sprinkled coconut over shrimp (similar to Caveman’s recipe) and it was delicious.

Also made brussel sprouts. And coconut cream.


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