Day 41

Wednesday, February 15

You know what these are? Cycling shoes. Legit-huh? Not wasting any time, broke them in tonight in a 45 minute spin session of 15 1-minute on, 1-minute off intervals. Coach Erik rocked it and kept us going the whole time. It was a great challenge! My WOD training came in handy for sure.

Going to have to listen to my body as I add tri training to my CrossFit routine. I’m pretty excited about this new adventure. I have already been reading a lot of ideas about how these programs fit together (or not). It is interesting to see the many perspectives out there.

I, of course, am most interested in developing an informed perspective that will guide my progress. One thing I’m already convinced of is that doing this with a Whole90 underway is a BIG (huge, actually) step in the right direction. If I wasn’t already somewhat convinced, try cramming yourself into a 2-piece tri suit and looking in the mirror. And then meeting people you don’t know. Yeah. That will hook ya to the Whole90 wagon for a bit.

You’re probably not surprised that my adventure takes another exciting turn (hope you’re not anyway). Thank you for joining me on this ride (no pun intended!). And thank you for reading. As I’ve said before, knowing your out there keeps me writing (and WODing, and spinning, and running, and swimming, and Whole90-ing…)


#goose and maverick

20 Min AMRAP

In Teams of 2, you and your partner will take turns completing the tasks listed below.  You will rest as long as it takes your partner to complete the tasks listed.

5 Tuck Jumps

Sprint Down

10 Grasshoppers (R/L=2)

Walking Lunges Back

10 1 Arm Thrusters – 5 Each Arm (25lbs/15lbs)

Sprint Down

10 Goblet Squats(53/35)

Walk Lunge Back and Chest bump your parter (or tag!)

We got 15 rounds & 6 squats (I did 7 of those & the squats) RX+ (meaning we used a 25# db for the thrusters)

Sleep=9:40-4:50 (ahhhhhh…….)

Water=7 (plus what I had on the bike!)


2 PWO muffins

Breakfast: 2 eggs, hash (chicken sausage, acorn squash, turnip & mustard greens), 1/2 avocado

Lunch: a beautiful salad w/ coconut curry chicken


and a little bit of last night’s leftovers (if you haven’t read about this valentine treat CLICK HERE–you won’t be sorry!)

Dinner: Pre-workout (have to get used to “doubles”–feels like I’m either swimming or serving tables again!)

Leftover fried “rice” and coconut

PWO: egg whites w/kale

Well I finally got that tri suit off so I can go to bed now….zzzzzzzz…….

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2 Responses to Day 41

  1. Donna says:

    Good God girl! You are simply amazing & inspiring! Love you! Tri training, double woding – ha! I adore the new you! Take me with you! I need more of you in my life! Muah! God bless you!

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