Day 33

Tuesday, February 7

I have an amazing son. He can play chess. Against himself.

This is Pierce at the breakfast table Sunday morning engaging himself in a battle between red and white. I can’t even play chess for one person, let alone two!

I find it fascinating that he can think back and forth like this, weighing the options and thoroughly enjoying making the next move.

I snapped a photo and wasn’t even sure why. I was fascinated.

This all came back to me last night when I was checking out a story on the Whole30 website about people who are celebrating finishing the program.

I was eager to read other perspectives and a bit interested to see what I could learn that could help me make even more progress over the next 30 days.

Right about then, the words in Cavemomma’s post jumped off the screen.

“I have learned the difference between hunger and appetite.”

I was immediately intrigued with this simple phrase.

My mind began to race.

Have you ever learned something you can’t believe you didn’t already know?

What a concept. I know (I think) what hunger is. Its a physical feeling in my stomach that signals to me that I need fuel. But if that is hunger, what is appetite?

Appetite is when something sounds good. Appetite is eating at 9pm every night because its a habit. Appetite is craving my favorite foods. Appetite is indulgence. Appetite is rewarding myself with chocolate. Appetite is thinking something should be eaten because it looks good.

I’ve always thought I ate a lot. I could always go back for seconds. I’ve spent most hours of most days thinking I’m hungry. (Aren’t I always hungry?) I’ve always said I love food!

What I realized yesterday is that this is not hunger talking. Instead, this is all substantial evidence that I have a very strong appetite. In fact, it is possible that I have the most substantial appetite on the planet.

But–all of that doesn’t mean I’m hungry.


Now, as I told Rob, anytime in the last 34 years that someone wanted to point this important distinction out to me, that would have been great.

Nonetheless, I know this now. When I choose to feed my appetite, I’m not feeding hunger. I’m choosing fuel I don’t need because I want it.

I realized that I’m just like Pierce. What I’m describing is the great chess game of food. Hunger versus appetite. And I play both sides. I make the next move. 

Going forward, I must walk the fine line between appetite and hunger. Starting today, I realize that this is even necessary during the Whole30. Each time I thought about food today I asked myself, is that appetite or hunger? (By the way, I have quite an appetite for coconut if you were wondering!)

This time around the Whole30, I’m going to ask this question every time I make a food choice. Stay tuned.


10 Min AMRAP

10 Push Jerks (115/75lbs)

15 Ab Mat Sit Ups *anchored*

10 Lateral Burpees

RX 4 rounds plus sit ups (started there)

STRENGTH: Bench Press – Warm Up – 10, 5, 5

10 @ 65, 5 @ 75, 5 @ 85, 3 @ 95


Water=7 bottles


PWO egg whites and spaghetti squash (need to make more muffins)

Breakfast: 3 eggs and hash with guacamole

Lunch: Big Spinach Salad with leftover chicken and guacamole; whipped coconut milk

Dinner: Leftover chili over spaghetti squash, coconut flakes

Great way to feed my hunger!

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9 Responses to Day 33

  1. Donna says:

    Such an incredible and valuable distinction! The beauty of Whole30 is in the learning experience that comes with it – which is my favorite part. Kudos on another day of meaningful discovery! The magic is in the journey, not the destination.

  2. Jessica says:

    That is so true…when I am doing the Whole30 I eat for nutrients and when I am not I eat for so many other reasons! Way to go extending this to 90 days!!

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  4. CAVEMomma says:

    Wow!! I am so glad my blog left that impact on you and for you to share with others. Thanks for the shout-out, and I’m so happy to have found your blog!

  5. Awesome points and excellent definition of what “Appetite” is. Thoroughly enjoyable read.
    Isn’t Cavemomma awesome?!
    P.S. I used to play against myself in chess, too. 🙂

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