Day 30

Saturday, February 4

Writing this from a great seat at the Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean show.

Looooonnng post tomorrow but today was amazing. Complete with ups and downs, it was as much about the journey than any day so far!

Quick results: (before/after)

Lost 2 lbs (157.5/159.5)
Lost 4.25 in (30.75, 29.5 waist, 42.25, 41.5 hips, 34.75, 32.5 belly button)
Lost 2.1 % bf (25.5/23.4)

Also, my fit bodies family voted me the #1 female finisher. Wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here comes Luke!!

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2 Responses to Day 30

  1. Christy says:

    Congrats Jen! I’ve been silently stalking 🙂 While I’m not following anything as strict as Whole 30, I recently got back into working out regularly and am trying to eat healthier. Your results and enjoyment of Whole 30 is making me consider undertaking it myself! Keep it up!

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