Day 29

Friday, February 3

In 12 hours I will step on the scale for the first time in 30 days.

I will be measured.

And take a picture.

And blog.


Because I know you want to know.

29 and 1/2 days ago, when I stepped off that scale, I didn’t know what I was stepping into. What I know now is that this is about SO MUCH MORE than the food choices that I have made.

No doubt, I was stepping into the unknown. I had no idea if I could eat real food for 30 days. I was absolutely terrified to give up wine and vodka soda. I didn’t know if I could  resist the Goldfish in the pantry. Would I really go without cake on Pierce’s 7th birthday? How would I make time to plan meals and shop for all the food? Who would eat the last bite of macaroni and cheese on Pearl’s plate? Isn’t pizza its own food group? How would weekends be any fun without indulging? How would I possibly be motivated without stepping on the scale? What if I forgot and licked the spoon when I was making brownies? Can I really survive without Indian food?

To be completely honest, I still have questions on my mind tonight. What if the dream I had about stepping on the scale and not seeing any positive change really comes true? Can I really do this for 60 more days? If Luke Bryan asks me to have a bottle of wine on his bus tomorrow would I bend my Whole 90? Does Luke Bryan even drink wine?

Going into tomorrow, I have to thank all of the people who have been right beside me as I found clarity–and answers.

To My Family who stands by me every step of the way in Bloomington, Georgia, Connecticut, and California!

To everyone in Bloomington-Normal that has dedicated at least 5 minutes of my recent conversation with you to listening to me talk about this exciting endeavor.

To all of you (who put me over 4,000 views of this blog today) yeah!

To the ENTIRE FitBodies CrossFit crew, coaches (Tom, Janelle, Erica, Jess, Donna, Kristin) and athletes and friends alike! You have inspired me to go where I’ve never gone before. I’m the girl who used to sit back and watch others do the paleo challenge and RX their WoDs. Now, everyday, you help me make the girl that does them. 

To Dallas and Melissa from Whole30/9 who contrived this magical idea! I don’t know if I will ever get the chance to meet you, but you have helped me change my life!

To my Facebook friends (and silent stalkers-lol)! And to everyone who blocked my daily updates–I still love you.

And to my fellow Whole 30 friends who I don’t even know and will never meet.

See you tomorrow. I will post results and reflections.

And, most importantly, I will let you know if Luke Bryan drinks wine………….

Points=213 TOTAL! (all done recording these but will still report daily)

WOD: #threeforone

10-1: Wall Balls (20lbs/14lbs), Pullups, *8 Min Cap*

Pushed this to about 9:30 RX pullups and 10# ball (out of 14s)

Rest the amount of time it took you for this WOD 1, then…

21-15-9: Box Jumps (24/20), Swings (53/35lbs) (Rx+ 70/53)

*5 Min Cap*

Pushed this to 6:30 RX

Rest the amount of time it took you to complete mini WOD 2, then…

3 Rds

15 Toes To Bar, 50 Double Unders

RX, Forever and a Day

STRENGTH: Strict Press – Warm Up – 80%x3, 85%x3, 90%xAMRAP

Good results here: 3 @ 60, 3 @ 65, 5 @ 70 (up from 60 max last time)


Sleep-9-440 (amazing)


2 PWO sweet potato muffins

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 3 sweet potato hashies, chicken sausage

Coconut and berries


Did a salad w/ chicken and avocado, no dressing out with a friend. 4th time out in 30 days. Great conversation.


Coconut manna.


Used to be I knew it was Friday when the Thai food arrived. So I figured, why not just make W30 approved Thai?

First pic is the top of the coconut milk (before I added it into the curry). Its like whip cream people. Get yourself some.


Kale chips and brussel sprout chips a good call when hungry people are cooking. Keeps me out of things I don’t belong in.


Here’s the recipe. I omitted the brown sugar (of course) and honestly didn’t think it needed the fish sauce (unless you are a fish sauce person). The coconut came through in the curry better before the sauce.

Link to Red Curry Recipe


The finished product.


Was delicious. Who says you need rice?


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2 Responses to Day 29

  1. Lauren Silva Laughlin says:

    Sis–I am so proud of you! I know that you will get all the results you want. But who cares what the numbers say! You have clarity and a whole new life and way of thinking. You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to read about the next 60 days! Love, Sis ps coconut curry looks amazing. Making it tonight with cauliflower couscous!

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