Day 28

February 2, 2012

28 Days Clean. Well, I guess if this was food rehab, I’d be free to go.

I know addiction is a hard and serious disease. That said, I do hope you will indulge a thoughtful reflection, though, about my “rehab” during the Whole 30.

Dallas and Melissa (the program’s co-founders) describe Whole9 (home of the Whole30) on their website as, “a community focused on health, fitness, balance, and sanity, all built on a foundation of real food and healthy nutritional habits.”

This describes the community that I’ve been rehabbing in for the last 28 days. Notice that the foundation of this program is real food and healthy nutritional habits. Therefore, if a breakdown in food and nutrition are the disease, then what are the symptoms?

Based on my own experience, I came up with this list: Illness; workouts that don’t improve or even worse, doing everything possible to avoid the gym; lack of harmony at home or work; using eating and drinking to sustain social relationships; bad relationships; hangovers; mood swings; food comas; clothes that don’t fit; emotional eating; injuries; stress; feeling exhausted; being depressed and anxious; yo-yo diets; cravings; poor self image; lack of confidence; food as a reward; and possibly more.

By committing to real food and healthy nutrition and surrounded by a community (FitBodies CrossFit, and virtual connections like Whole9 and all of you), I’ve lived 28 days symptom-free.

But does this mean I’m disease-free?

Probably not. Okay, of course not. My prediction is that I will forever be somewhat prone to making bad food choices and having unhealthy nutritional habits.

But what have I learned?

I’ve learned that by focusing on the root causes of my disease (food and nutrition choices), I can control it and thereby, significantly decrease the symptoms. Not only that, but I can accomplish the health, fitness, balance, and sanity that Dallas and Melissa support and that most of us strive for.

There is a lot of good information out there about what to do after the Whole30 and how to re-enter the community-at-large. Most of you know I’m extending this to 90 days because I  believe I have more to learn so I’m not facing re-entry for a bit.

What I have learned is that people have multiple ways of seeing my journey. Some see it as exciting or motivating; for some it piques their interests; for others it presents a challenge to be conquered. For others, though, I think my stories about rehab put them face-to-face with their own disease, without the clarity to see through the symptoms.

At first this makes for uncomfortable moments or awkward pauses. And then, I understand. I understand because only 28 days ago I was walking in their shoes, lacking a certain amount of clarity that I now believe it takes to believe that health, fitness, balance, and sanity are real and possible.

Tonight and every night, knowing you’re reading this makes it possible to write it. So thank you.

Points=1 wod+1 cash out+4 food+1 water+ 1sleep=8


WOD: #choiceisyours: 12 Min AMRAP

15 (Choose between Lateral Hops: Over/Back =1 or Wall Ball Sit Ups: 20/14lbs); 10 (Choose between Ring Dips or Handstand Pushups); 5 Hang Cleans (155lbs/105lbs)

I did 5 rounds plus LH choosing LH, Ring Dips (blue band), and 85# hang cleans


Tabata Ab Mats….BUT we are holding some form of a plank on our “rests”.

This was amazing. HIGHLY recommend.

Water=7 bottles

Sleep=910-440 (hoping for even more tonight!)


PWO 2 sweet potato and egg muffins

Breakfast: More hungry the last few days so I went up to 3 eggs, hash, a few sweet potato hashies, and a little chicken sausage. I was definitely more satisfied and able to make it through a business lunch (water) before lunch.


Lunch was leftover steak, brussel sprouts, and hashies at my desk.


With just a little butternut squash soup that is too good to go to waste.


I snacked on a few blueberries and coconut shreds.

I made brussel sprout chips and kale chips when I got home.


And made a pork tenderloin (local farm-yummy!) and hashies and salad.



Cup of tea and some coconut…trying to decide if I’m coconut-dependent…

Cheers to health, fitness, balance, and sanity!

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10 Responses to Day 28

  1. Donna says:

    Everyday I love you more and more! I get to know who you are, understand the way you think and treasure our friendship even more. You are an amazing woman, filled with inspiration, incredible strength, and wonderful determination. I love your style, admire your dedication, and cherish your authenticity. You ROCK sister! I am, have been, and always will be your cheerleader, friend, and supporter! Go Jen Go!

  2. Wayne says:

    Great job with everything Jen. Your doing awesome.

  3. Ali says:

    Everything Donna said was beautiful and spot on. I’m moved, jen. Thanks and way to go!!!

  4. Barb Atwell says:


    I am absolutely loving your posts!!!! Keep up the awesome journey !!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    I came home from the gym today saying the same thing Donna said. I love your determination. What an inspiration! You have so much to be proud of!!!

    • Wow! Cindy thanks tons. I am enjoying getting to know you @ FB! Its hard to believe Monmouth is back in the old days! Thanks for being a fun person to work out with and so encouraging!

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