Day 27

Wednesday, February 1

Today we revisited the Biggest Winner baseline WoD. I told you I was going to go all out and beat my time. And I did. Previously, I completed the WoD in 4:25 and today I completed the WoD in 4:10. I’m very pleased to shave :15 seconds off my time from a few weeks ago. I hope to revisit this every 20-25 days to note my progress.

I’m looking forward to several more benchmarks this week. You don’t want to miss Saturday when I find out my weight and measurements.

While I’m at it, its a good time to reflect on all of my CrossFit improvements since Biggest Winner. I have more consistently RX-ed workouts (not all of them, of course!), improved my double-unders, completed 45 pull-ups no band RX in a WoD, completed 50 toes to bar RX in a WoD, progressed on several lifts: deads, overhead squats, back squats, and press, etc., etc.

I’m considering training for a sprint triathlon this spring; I’ll keep you posted.

Switching gears a bit, I enjoyed a post by Melissa Joulwan today on Paleo Plan about her top-10 Paleo Must Haves. For those of you who know, Melissa is an accomplished paleo chef, CrossFitter, and more. Her blog, The Clothes Make the Girl rocks. Her cookbook Well Fed also rocks. Here is the link to the full post from today.

Here are her top-10 and how (or if) I’ve used them in the W30!

1. Coconut Oil: Duh. Key word, coconut.

Seriously, I’ve shifted all of my cooking oil use over to coconut oil. I will still use olive oil for the occasional salad topping, but coconut is my go-to for cooking. It does great on medium-high heat for a variety of uses.

2. Unsweetened Coconut Flakes: Duh. Again.

Just bought some of these tonight actually (I was out). These are great to take on-the-go and can be a good between meal fuel if you’re needing something. I even made coconut curry chicken fingers with them.

3. Full-fat Coconut Milk: Duh. Again. Again.

I will never buy lite coconut milk ever again. Basically, its just watered down coconut milk. Where’s the sense in that? I’ve used this in soups like Thai Curry and Butternut Squash and even used the cream from the can (it hardens a bit) on berries. I need to make a curry stir fry; I’ve seen lots of great recipes that look interesting.

4. Grassfed Ground Beef

While I have purchased this, I need to be more committed to seeking out the highest quality meat possible whenever possible. I used Melissa’s beef (not local but grass fed) for the Meatloaf Muffins. This is a good focus for the next 30-60 days. One possibility is to purchase part of a cow from a local farmer. I’m strongly considering this.

5. Sardines packed in Olive Oil…(maybe she just couldn’t think of something else for #5?)

Seriously, this is where Melissa and I may need to agree to disagree.

6. Collard Greens

I’ve been using Kale a lot and I am going to try the collards. Another goal for the next 30-60 days

7. Cauliflower

Right on! You remember the Paleo Couscous I made, right? There’s also mashed cauliflower.

8. Blackberries

She mentions frozen but I’ve been buying fresh blackberries (as well as blueberries and raspberries). I do try to limit my fruit to once a day but it is always delicious.

9. Jicama

If you haven’t had it, have it. Its crunchy and slightly sweet. I made a great jicama slaw for Christmas but haven’t had it since W30. So its on the coming soon list.

10. Organic eggs

I eat at least 2-3 eggs per day, plus whites as a PWO meal. Cooking these ahead of time makes for easy grab-and-go. My hash recipes make breakfast delightful. I’m working on getting a local source for my eggs…

11. BONUS! Melissa lists spices and seasonings. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been buying a lot more of these (after checking to see if they are W30 approved). Cinnamon rocks!

Thanks Melissa for the great list! And I’m pleasantly surprised that my W30 stacks up pretty well to the suggestions. I’m also glad I have some more goals for the next 30-60 days.


Pearl helps with dinner

Points=1 baseline+1strength+4 food+1sleep+1water=8

WOD: #biggest winner baseline revisted

5 Push Press (95/65lbs); 10 Bar Facing Burpees; 20 Hand Release Pushups; 30 Double Unders; 40 Goblet Squats (53/35lbs); 10 Lengths Sprints

4:10 (first time was 4:25)

Rest 3 minutes and then proceed to the next WOD

WOD: #double up: 4 Rds for Time: 20 “Push Ups” ( Rounds 1 and 3 will be Hand Release. Rounds 2 and 4 will be X Push Ups), 40 Air Squats, 60 Double Unders


STRENGTH: Back Squats – Warm up – 80%x3, 85% x 3, 90% x AMRAP

3 @ 140- 3 @ 150- 10 @ 155 (going up next time!)


Water-7 bottles


PWO 2 sweet potato egg muffins

Breakfast: Turnip hash w/ 2 eggs

Today was take your healthy fat to work day! (If you missed it, you can do it tomorrow.)


Lunch was leftover soup and salad with a little leftover chicken.



Dinner was some sweet potato hashies


And a sirloin roast


And some brussel sprouts.


And some coconut manna.

The rest of this week is going to be really exciting so don’t miss a minute! 3-2-1-Biggest Winner Reveal coming soon!

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3 Responses to Day 27

  1. Donna says:

    Love coconut flakes on my berries! Have a fabulous Whole30 approved dessert I need to share with you that will leave you shaking your head wondering how it’s possible. You are rocking my world – this weekend, I’m trying the sweet potato puffs! So glad to be back in the states so I can follow you.

  2. Jess says:

    No fair talking about fabulous Whole30 approved desserts and then disappearing!!!

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