Day 24

Sunday, January 29

WoW! This weekend went by fast. I love that healthy food helps me find balance when life is moving at a snappy pace.

Can’t wait to WOD tomorrow. Ready to get back in the gym.

Real quick, working on an upcoming blog post, I just realized that I’ve been alcohol-free for 29 days (I started that part of the Whole 30 on January 1). So watch for my reflections on this in “28 Days” coming soon.

points=4 food+1water+1sleep



Quick food report:

Breakfast: made a great hash with acorn squash, apple, kale, turnip, onion, and chicken sausage. Topped with 2 eggs.


Breakfast plate


Pearl and I lunched at Destihl and I had a dry salad with salmon and chicken. Delicious. My 3rd meal out since 1/1/12.

Dinner was also delicious, if I do say so myself. Tonight I welcomed a special friend home from her work travel to Switzerland. We had a great time.

I roasted chicken using the Everyday Paleo

This is a great recipe if you haven’t tried it.


I tried an AMAZING, new tri tip roast recipe from CrossFit Intrepid


A salad with a great W30 Greek Vinegarette (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, greek seasoning, spicy mustard)


And the Seven Ingredient Butternut Squash Soup:


Bring it on, Monday!

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