Day 18

Monday, January 23

A super quick post tonight while I nosh on some coconut manna and head to bed. No way I’m getting that sleep point tonight.

I did enjoy writing a post earlier today about burn out–feeling or choice? Read it here. (Many thanks to those who have already read it. What did you think?)

But before I go to bed, since I always admit my firsts to you, let today be no different.

  • First time wearing a suit that had been in the closet for a while (not really sure if that’s because it didn’t fit or I forgot to try it on…but actually, I think I subconsciously “forgot” to try it on because it wouldn’t fit, not that I could *ever* picture myself doing something like that, but if I could…..I might, actually)
  • First time in a Thai restaurant dining solely on tea (it really is quite good!)
  • First time I ordered from Tropical Traditions (check out their buy one, get one free coconut oil sale)
  • And, first time, EVER, choosing coconut over beer (and Flingers Rolls) after a 4 1/2 hour council meeting

To anyone else, that list wouldn’t mean anything. But to me (and maybe to all of you) it says quite a bit about the W30.

What it doesn’t say outright but I need to add is that I feel 100% positive about every item on that list. You’re right, I’ve always loved shopping online (Tropical Traditions!), but digging clothes out of the back of the closet and turning down Thai, pizza, and beer weren’t a part of my routine. Gosh, guess that statement is pretty telling too. My work is done.

Points=1wod+1cashout+1strength+1 sleep+4 nutrition+1water


21-15-9: Hand Release Pushups (feet on plate), Overhead Squats (115lbs/75lbs), 3 Down and Backs (6 lengths)

6:30 RX

CASHOUT:    2 Rounds for Time :  Snatch Complex: 3 Power Snatch, 3 Hang Muscle Snatch, 3 Squat Snatch

1:47 45#


Overhead Squats – Warm Up – 75% x5, 80%x5, 85%xAMRAP

85, 95, 100–8 reps each round (puts 1 rep max around 135#)

Thank you Whole30! The boost that I’m seeing in my workouts is tremendous. I’m so excited about going to the gym because I know the work I’m doing there is going to a good cause–my whole health (hmmm…interesting, do we choose health for parts of ourselves and not for others…another blog post in the works…bed…zzzzz)

Water=8 bottles



2 PWO sweet potato muffins (others are trying and liking–check it out!)

Breakfast: 2 baked eggs with leftover hash (turnip and chicken sausage)


Lunch: Leftover chicken, sweet potato delight, and salad w/fried tomato and veggies



Dinner: Coconut & mac nuts, blueberries, 2 leftover meatloaf muffins

Coconut Manna


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6 Responses to Day 18

  1. cableremote says:

    No thai food at the Thai House!??!!?!?

  2. Ali says:

    Such a pleasure to see your amazing strength and confidence today on the ohs. Seriously strong and beautiful. Way to go, jen!! Keep on keeping on girl (and all the rest of us;)!!!

  3. Janelle says:

    AliPower and Jen – you both are amazing! that is an understatement!

    Jen – that thought on it being amazing at how we choose to fuel our bodies differently for different reasons is a book in itself – after reading through this blog, I think that could easily be your next step:)

    • Wow! Thanks Janelle. I couldn’t do any of this without the FitBodies vision paving the path and a community (and leaders like you and Tommy) to support and share the joy. I do love your idea…wheels are a turnin’!

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