Day 16


Saturday, January 21

Quick post tonight. Out for a friend’s birthday so just the facts with a promise for more thoughts and lots of cooking tomorrow.

A few quick ideas that I don’t want to lose; second time out to eat (other than work lunches where I knew I would skip the meal and eat later) since January 1. First time out with friends other than Rob. In other words, ordering up food with an audience.

I won’t say it was as easy as ordering off the menu, but it was doable. It does confirm some thoughts I have about how our culture makes judgement about food and diet and how we use food; (future post).

Interesting observation: I feel tonight as if I would happily return to the same restaurant and order exactly as I did tonight, even when given the chance to order anything off the menu. Keep in mind this is our go-to place where I would normally cruise around the food (and drink) menu with ease.

Points=1wod+1yoga+4food+1 sleep+1 water=8

Open gym today and didn’t know what to do so got a great suggestion from Brian and Coach T: choose my 3 least favorite activities and do a 21-15-9 wod.

Pull ups – wall balls 14#- power clean 75#


Forgot to tell you yesterday that I achieved my weekly goal of a real pull up (no band). Today I did 5 of the first 2 sets and 3 of the final set with no band and then went to purple.

Yoga was great! It felt wonderful to stretch and our instructor Allison did a great job.

Water:8 bottles

Sleep: 1130-7


2 pwo sweet potato muffins

3 meatloaf muffins
Brussel sprouts

Coconut and raw Mac nuts

Lettuce, spinach, tomato with 4 grilled shrimp and small piece grilled salmon

Coconut manna


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2 Responses to Day 16

  1. Janelle says:

    look ma no band! way to go girlie!

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