Day 13

20120118-221104.jpg from the bottom: lunch salad, dinner hash, avocado (didn’t eat), dinner broccoli, breakfast hash, snack blueberries, snack coconut and raw mac nuts

3 captions for this photo: Get your BYOB ON! (read yesterday’s post), Jen’s Tower of Power, or Jen’s Tower of Terror.

Or, in other words, the food I used for fuel today.


Points=4 nutrition+1water+1wod+1cashout+1sleep=8


For 15 Min, On the minute complete: 2 Power Cleans (Coaches will help you choose your load), and 1 of the following: 2 Wall Climbs, 4 Handstand Pushups, or 6 Ring Dips

I used 95# and did hspu on 24″ box

CASHOUT: 25 ”Evil Wheels” & 2 Max Sets unbroken of whichever exercise you chose for your WOD (Wall Climbs, HSPU, Ring Dips)

1 set 30 dips; 1 set 10 hspu on 30″ box

Water:8 bottles

Sleep: 9:50-4:50

Food: 2 PWO egg white and potato puffs

Breakfast: Sweet potato and chicken sausage hash and 2 baked eggs

Lunch: Coconut curry chicken over baby spinach salad

Dinner: More hash with blueberries and broccoli (with a few brussel sprouts), shredded coconut w/ a few mac nuts

Coconut butter before bed

Who says 13 isn’t a lucky number!?

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