Day 11

Monday, January 16

This morning, I found myself in a quiet house with a little time to spare. On an inspired whim, I blogged about the 9 dimensions for optimum health (the Whole9), the driving factors of the Whole30 program. In a very short time, I learned a lot about myself (even over the last 11 days) and set goals for the rest of my journey. I highly recommend this method to W30-ers and anyone interested in thinking about their state of wellness.

Another great surprise result of this moment of inspiration is the total outpouring of support from the online community–all of you! Thank you so much for all the views, comments, likes, and shares. I am pretty excited that Melissa (the co-founder of the Whole30/Whole9) even commented.

Comment from Melissa (W30/W9)






So yeah for that! And thanks again.

Points=4 food+1water+1sleep+1wod+1 cash out=8

WOD: 18:20 something RX

For Time

30 Hand Release Pushups, 50 Double Unders, Walking Dumbell Lunges (35lbs/25lbs – 6 lengths or 3 Down and backs), 50 Double Unders, 30 Toes To Bar, 50 Double Unders, 40 Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (35lbs/25lbs)

CASHOUT: Tabata style – alternating: Dumbbell Push Jerk (35lbs/25lbs)/Double Unders

My amazing Coaches Tom & Janelle did an even harder version of this workout this weekend at the Great Lakes Invitational and they totally rocked it out! Way to go!

Water=6 bottles



PWO 2 sweet potato egg muffins (finished these up today, pic here)


Lunch: Leftovers! Bowl of butternut squash soup, brussel sprouts, 2.5 oz beef patty, 4 shrimp, broccoli (saw someone post about broccoli on FB and got inspired–thanks Jeff B!)


Snack: handful of coconut and mac nuts

Dinner: Coconut curry chicken, brussel sprouts, a little avocado, thai curry soup


Made the thai curry soup from a co-workers recipe. Have a few changes for next time but it was delicious. I will post the recipe.


Coconut curry chicken fingers inspired by Delightful Taste Buds, slightly altered. My recipe:

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut, small shreds

2 tbl curry powder

1 egg

black pepper

Pound out chicken and cut into small strips. Dip in egg. Coat in crumb mixture. Brown both sides in skillet of coconut oil (just 30-60 seconds per side). Then bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes on a rack on top of a sheet.


Just a little coconut cream from the top of the coconut milk and a few berries sprinkled with a little coconut butter. Refreshing!


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