Day 9

Saturday, January 14

Happy 7th Birthday to my wonderful son Pierce McDade. He rocks! We had a great day celebrating.

Here are some of the highlights:

His basketball team won at the YMCA

Pearl had her first chess lesson

Pierce had a chess lesson from a grand master

I got a great deal on these awesome pink chairs at the Neighborhood Thrift Store in downtown Bloomington


I made a wonderful butternut squash soup from scratch that is W30 approved and delicious. Here is my recipe for 7 Ingredient (just like the birthday!) Butternut Squash Soup.



And, for the first time ever, I roasted a chicken. And it was delicious. I am so thrilled that W30 is pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me try new things in the kitchen.

The recipe is from Everyday Paleo and it is very appropriately named Easy and Amazing Roast Chicken. As soon as my leftovers are gone, I will be making another.

By the way, I purchased a Smart Chicken at Schnuck’s and I was very pleased with the quality.


I had chicken (with skin since it is organic), a bowl of soup, and salad. Here is a pic of my dinner plate (you have to stand on your head sideways to get a good look).


And, one more cookie cake. Tonight Pierce celebrated with his neighbors and had a great time.


Points=5Biggest Winner Baseline WOD+1 sleep+1water+4 food=11


Biggest Winner Baseline

4:25 (RX though I accidentally omitted the hop over bar on the burpees so I want to point that out)

Part 2: 3 rounds plus 6 double unders RX

Water=7 bottles

Sleep=10:30 pm-6:30 am (felt like my sleep improved a little last night; seems like it has been hit or miss)


PWO 1 sweet potato egg white muffin and 1 baked egg (ran out of egg white muffins)

Lunch (kids activities turned breakfast into lunch)

1 chicken burger leftover 1/2 beef burger left over, steamed broccoli, leftover sweet potato fries


blueberries, raw mac nuts, coconut, a little coconut butter


AWESOME Roast Chicken!, 7 Ingredient Butternut Squash Soup, Salad

Kept snacking on chicken for a bit

More new recipes tomorrow–promise!

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8 Responses to Day 9

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  2. Jessica says:

    You are doing awesome Jen!!! If you ever need any new ideas for recipes let me know! I made the shrimp you recommended the other night and Scott loved it, even the boys gobbled the shrimp!

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks! I’m making that shrimp again tonight for my Sister-in-Law who is visiting. I would LOVE some recipes. Maybe you can be a guest blogger 😉 Just feel free to send those to me any way that is easy for you!

      • Jessica says:

        I could be a guest blogger. My favorite recipe when I am craving comfort food is spaghetti and meatballs. I will type up the recipe. Also, I was reading your blog on your breakfast. One thing I like to do on Sundays is shred a couple of sweet potatoes and then for a yummy breakfast during the week, I cook the sweet potatoes in a little oil and salt and pepper and then serve over easy eggs on top=YUM and quick. Another thing you could add to your roasted chicken is parsnips, I never thought that I liked them, but as you know when you do the W30 you venture out, so I roasted parsnips and carrots with my chicken and to me they taste like a cross between a regular potato and a carrot. Another good recipe is for chicken stir fry, even my kids eat this; here is the link:

        You are doing great without my input!!

      • Jessica, You rock! Thank you so much.

        Coming soon everyone–guest blogger Jessica!

  3. Donna says:

    So glad to hear how well you are doing! Keep on keeping on! So proud of you and your determination to enjoy this journey! You are an inspiration.

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