7 Ingredient Butternut Squash Soup

From Day 9


1-2 tbl olive oil

1 medium onion

32 oz stock

1 can coconut milk

1 medium apple

1 1/2-2 butternut squash

salt & pepper

In a large soup pot:

1-2 tbl olive oil

Chop 1 medium yellow onion

Brown in oil

Add Butternut Squash (about 10 servings, about 2 squash-I actually purchased this pre-peeled and cut from Sam’s Club)

Add 1 medium apple, peeled and chopped finely

Add a 32 oz box of stock (I used unsalted vegetable)

Simmer for at least 30 minutes on medium-low

Using immersion blender, mix well

Add 1 can coconut milk (I used full strength not “low fat”)

Continue to heat if you wish

Salt & pepper if you’d like

Serve and enjoy!

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