Celebrating W30 success…

…with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Saturday, February 4 (insert sound of screaming 16-year old girl here)

That’s right. Those of you that know me know that there’s no way I’d rather celebrate than with these rock stars. I’m just flattered they planned a show to celebrate my W30 success–I knew we were tight, but even I’m impressed that they care about wellness (and ME!) this much. HA!

So, in addition to all of the other benefits I’m already noticing from the W30 (good WODs, pants that zip easier, a body that is responding well to chiropractic care, cooking with new ingredients, and so forth), when I noticed today that this concert is the same day as the last day of Biggest Winner, I thought, hot dog (well not really because I’m not eating hot dogs)!  (Actually I think I blurted something out loud in the Kroger line.)

So today a tribute to Luke & Jason and a preview of some wonderfulness sure to come on 2/4/12 with my friend Alicia at the Assembly Hall. I hear some other Biggest Winners are heading there as well, and I think tickets are still available for all you others out there with good taste in music.

For today’s motivation, I’m sharing a few of my favorite videos and photos from the shows I’ve attended. So excited that the 2/4 show will be the best yet with W30 success to celebrate.

Luke sings to me

Love those jeans

An oldie but a goodie

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