Day 5

January 10, 2011

Quick one tonight everyone.

I had a wonderful evening with a great group of women that I gather with once-a-month. They are always supportive and their inquiries about W30 were no different. I missed wining and dining with them as I normally would, but my lunch bag did me just fine and I’m sure I will be back in the action next month (to some degree anyway).

One more thing to point out before I spill the beans for the day is that I have a very big event tomorrow for work (I work at Illinois State University’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology). We’re really fortunate to be hosting a very large conference on teaching and learning for our faculty. I share this with you because I want to make a related point. As you’d expect before any large event, today was a busy and somewhat stressful day in our office and for me. Since I’m W30, I found myself a bit more aware of my thoughts and actions regarding food and eating. What is really interesting to me is I noticed something that I think usually (like for my whole life before this) goes unnoticed for me; I realized I was thinking about food (particularly the non-W30 kind–like the candy bar, cookie, ice cream kind) at the very same times as I felt myself feeling stress or observing someone else’s stress. I realized that previously I may have eaten my way through a day like this, making excuses for myself along the way. Not only that, but I would have unfortunately followed it up with eating my way through tomorrow because I will be “busy”, and what the heck while I’m at it, the next day too, when I’ll be “tired”. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about food and sometimes eating it, even the non-W30 kind I suppose, but I am glad to have experienced this heightened realization of how and when I think about food and how I use it for purposes other than that for which it is intended.

Moving on,

Points=4 food+1water+2 wod=7 (missed sleep by 15 minutes; tonight will definitely miss sleep; must work on this)

Water: 7 bottles plus half the water pitcher at my friends house (sorry other thirsty friends)


12 minute AMRAP

50 KB swings (30 lb), 40 box jumps (20 in), 30 ground to overhead plate (25 lb), 20 toes to bar (finally got the hang of the kip!), 5 wall climbs

I completed exactly 1 round

Cash out

3 minute AMRAP

10 air squats, 10 grasshoppers

8 rounds


PWO: 2 really yummy sweet potato egg white things…..

Breakfast: 2 baked eggs, 2 leftover sweet potato latkes


Spinach salad (red pepper, cucumber, 2 slices apple) with leftover fried chicken


2 oz emil’s turkey, tbl coconut butter


Leftover fried chicken with brussel sprouts


blueberries, tea coconut butter

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4 Responses to Day 5

  1. Donna says:

    I love how you are seeing your relationship with food transform! Becoming more aware and realizing things that were just automatic before W30 is a giant step forward! Congratulations on this journey and I’m thrilled to be observing it through your blog. I’m so proud of you, excited for you, and eager to watch the unfolding. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your experience for the benefit of all of us. Rock on sister! Love you and love your determination.

    • Hi Donna! Thanks! Such motivating words from someone I know has walked the walk herself is very inspiring. I appreciate you sticking with me and I’m enjoying sharing the message and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. Love ya!

  2. Ali says:

    Jen! Thanks for this post!! It’s so brilliant and insightful and reflective of its author. I’m so excited for you to have had such clarity yesterday, knowing you and the powerful role you play in multiple areas of your life, it is such a significant thing. I’m sure you find yourself in these day-before, day-of, and day-after scenarios far more often than most which puts you in a nutritionally compromised spot too often. You’re genius! Now you know what the dragon looks like you can slay it! Yay you.

    • Thanks Ali! This is a wonderfully kind and insightful post. I really appreciate your pick-up that I am probably often in these situations so my realization is even more significant. I really like your phrase “nutritionally compromised” and what is ironic about it, is that it is in these types of situations when our nutrition is possibly most important and should be our blessing, not our curse. Thanks for helping me think through this even further.

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