Day 4

Monday, January 9

My first W30 approved City Council Meeting! I’m officially (I think anyway) the only council member to eat brussel sprouts in an executive session. And I was worried about how they’d remember me, HA!

Well, the wise W30 gurus were right about today–planning ahead is the key to W30. Everything I consumed today (except my PWO at the gym), I packed in my lunch bag this morning before I left the house. Today was a 8am-10pm day and normally, it would have been filled with food purchased “on-the-go.” As we all know, sometimes that’s great. Other times, not so much.

Points=Workout (3)+water (1)+food (4)=7 (sleep wasn’t good last night so I’m not taking a point; tonight doesn’t look too promising either being that it’s already 10 pm!)

Wod: 3 points
3 rounds: 15 squat cleans @ 55, 15 lateral burpees, 15 push press @ 55, 200 m run
19:20 (Went light because of my back and did the burpees separate from the lateral jumps due to space in the gym); strength: strict press 5/5/3 @ 55/65/75; cash out: 2 rounds 15 hand-release push-ups and 15 hollow rocks

Water: 6 bottles (1 point)


PWO: 2 Sweet Potato Egg White Puffs

Breakfast: 2 baked eggs, brussel sprouts roasted in garlic and coconut oil

Lunch: leftover Paleo Couscous with Garlic Curry Shrimp (heard from a fellow W30-er today that his family loved this, even those who didn’t normally like cauliflower!)


Snack: A little leftover chicken, 1/4 avocado with cucumber slices, a few apple slices with a small bit of almond butter


Dinner: 2 leftover pieces of Fried Chicken and brussel sprouts

Snacked on a little coconut and a few raw macs at meeting

A little coconut butter before bed.


Lots more tomorrow. Oh, and for those on Facebook, feel free to like the Jen’s Whole 30 page.

Thanks Universe. Good day.

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5 Responses to Day 4

  1. Jessica says:

    Way to go Jen!!! I think I am going to try your chicken tomorrow night. We had the easy go to meal tonight; tacos, I make my own seasoning so I know what is in in and load it up with homemade guac, salsa ( check ingredients), and lots of greens and the kids will eat it and add cheese and sour cream.

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. Great idea on the tacos. I like the idea about making my own seasoning–I had some reservations about my go-to taco seasoning so that is a great idea. Glad you’re trying the chicken. We loved it and I’m finding the leftovers very convenient. Depending on your kids taste buds, you may want to pull back just a bit on the chili seasoning (though it is VERY tasty!), I may for mine next time (though they survived!). I also didn’t have the coriander so I didn’t add it; I think I forgot to mention that. Please let me know how it goes. We may be doing tacos tomorrow!

  2. Ali says:

    Jen, you flat out ROCK!

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